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Jenna Jameson’s Response To Kamala Harris Immigration Tweet Melts Internet

By  James Barrett

When Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris took to Twitter on Monday to push the Democrats’ immigration agenda, she was probably hoping that no one would notice her use of one of the Open Border Left’s favorite rhetorical tricks. But former porn star-turned-political personality Jenna Jameson quickly called out Harris for the word games, and, as is the case for basically everything Jameson posts, her comment set off a wave of responses online.

“Immigrants make our communities and our economy stronger,” the California senator tweeted Monday. “At a time when immigrants have been taken from their families in front of schools and outside courthouses, we must continue to speak out.”

Jameson responded by highlighting that Harris had “conveniently” left out one key word: “illegal.”

Cue the flood of responses from all over the political spectrum but particularly from the right, who had some fun with Harris’ transparently deceptive tweet (h/t Twitchy):

The reference to Ellison prompted Jameson to point out that the “anti-Semite” had blocked her, which prompted more talk of the increasing radicalism of the Democratic Party:

A few other examples of responses directly to Harris for her initial tweet, some of which were less cordial than Jameson:

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