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Jemele Hill Stands By Suggestion NASCAR Is For Racists After FBI Debunks Hate Crime Claim: ‘It. Was. A. Noose.’
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Reports surfaced Sunday night that NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was the apparent victim of a hate crime, after a “noose” was found hanging from the driver’s garage. In the midst of the reports, before the results of an investigation, The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill appeared on MSNBC airwaves to slam NASCAR and its fans for being what she suggested are anti-black racists.

“This reminder is [a] very stunning, shocking, appalling, disgusting reminder of who, again, this sport is for,” Hill told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Monday, as noted by The Hill. “I’m very curious to see how NASCAR handles this, because based[on] everything I’ve read … this had to be an inside job, because this garage was only open to essential personnel. So, somebody associated with NASCAR likely may have been the culprit.”

However, by Tuesday, the FBI concluded that Wallace was not the victim of a hate crime, and that the “noose” was actually a garage pull used in that garage at least a year before the black driver was assigned to it.

Despite the investigation’s findings, Hill did not back down from her racial criticism of NASCAR, refusing to offer an apology and contending that the garage pull “Was. A. Noose.”

“It. Was. Not. A. Noose.,” posted OAN’s Liz Wheeler, captioning the MSNBC clip of Hill. “But [Jemele Hill] used this fake news as justification to call ALL fans of NASCAR racist. Hill called the original (fake news) report a, ‘stunning, shocking, appalling, disgusting remind of who this sport is for.'”

Hill responded, “It. Was. A. Noose.”

“They just don’t believe it was directed at Bubba Wallace,” claimed the left-wing activist. “I know facts nor (sic) context is your strong suit, but do try to keep up.”

Hill added a screenshot of the statement from NASCAR regarding the FBI findings, which clearly states that “the garage pull rope fashioned like a noose had been positioned there since as early as last fall”:

“The FBI has completed its investigation at Talladega Superspeedway and determined that Bubba Wallace was not the target of a hate crime. The FBI report concludes, and photographic evidence confirms, that the garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose had been positioned there since as early as last fall. This was obviously well before the 43 team’s arrival and garage assignment. We appreciate the FBl’s quick and thorough investigation and are thankful to learn that this was not an intentional, racist act against Bubba. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all who love racing.”

Journalist Megyn Kelly similarly hit Hill for “unfairly besmirch[ing]” NASCAR fans.

“Now that we know the [Bubba Wallace] ‘noose’ was not a racist attack at all, will ⁦[Jemele Hill] apologize to the NASCAR fans she unfairly besmirched?” questioned Kelly, referencing the Mediaite headline: “Jemele Hill Condemns NASCAR Noose Incident: ‘Disgusting Reminder of Who This Sport is for.'”

Hill deflected from the criticism, posting, “I’m old enough to remember NASCAR banning the Confederate flag from races a couple weeks ago,” and adding the follow-up tweet, “Let me go pray to white Jesus for Megyn Kelly.”

Wallace told far-left CNN host Don Lemon on Tuesday night that the garage pull was a “straight up noose.”

“None of the allegations of being a hoax will break me or tear me down,” Wallace said, as noted by The Daily Wire. “Will it piss me off? Absolutely. But that only fuels the competitive drive in me to shut everybody up, to get back out on the race track next weekend in Pocono and showcase what I can do behind the wheel. Tremendous amounts of BS (bulls***), whatever it is that you want to say, you won’t break me, you won’t tear me down. Again, I will still stand proud of where I’m at.”

“I have been racing all my life. We have raced out of hundreds of garages. They never had garage pulls like that,” the driver said. “People that call it a garage pull and put out videos and photos of knots being in as their evidence, go ahead. But from the evidence that we have, that I have. It’s a straight up noose.”

“The FBI has stated that it was a noose, over and over again,” added Wallace. “NASCAR leadership has stated it was a noose. I can confirm that. I actually got evidence of what was hanging in my garage over my car, to confirm that it was a noose.”

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