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‘Jane Doe’ Who Accused Trump of Raping Her When She Was 13 Fails to Appear at Press Conference

A woman who claimed that Donald Trump raped her when she was 13-years-old was scheduled to appear at a press conference on Wednesday but failed to do so.

Hordes of media members appeared at the Bloom Law Firm for the announcement, which was scheduled at 3 pm PST:

Lisa Bloom, the daughter of leftist attorney Gloria Allred, appeared at the press conference only to announce that the press conference had been canceled.

“Jane Doe was here all day,” Bloom told reporters. “She was prepared to go forward. She has received some terrible threats, as have all the Trump accusers who I have been representing for several months. She’s in grave fear and she was unable ultimately to do this. I apologize to those of you who came today for this inconvenience, and we hope that we will be able to reschedule this press conference.”

Bloom then walked away and didn’t answer any questions members of the press asked her.

Some people thought that Bloom’s reasoning didn’t make any sense:

SooperMexican had a similar question at The Right Scoop.

“If she’s anonymous, how did she get the death threats?” SooperMexican wrote. “Still, I wouldn’t be surprised – the worst of the Trump cultists even send ME death threats, and all I do is call him a ‘pendejo’ on Twitter.”

“Jane Doe,” who has also gone under the alias of “Katie Johnson,” has claimed that Trump raped at her at the age of 13 when she was one of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slaves. This is her third time filing the lawsuit in court.

But even the uber-leftist Huffington Post is skeptical of her story:

Media outlets that have tried to get in touch with Johnson have had extreme difficulty doing so. The Daily Beast did a deep dive into the case and the people supporting the accuser in July, and came to a devastating conclusion: “Far from derailing the Trump train, Katie Johnson and her supporters seem to be in an out-of-control clown car whose wheels just came off,” wrote Brandy Zadrozny.

The Guardian and Jezebel also looked into the situation and came up with equally unfavorable takes. A writer who actually talked to Johnson came away confused about what to make of the allegations. It’s unclear if anybody has managed to speak to Tiffany Doe or Joan Doe, the two witnesses cited in the case. “Jezebel, The Guardian and The Daily Beast effectively poisoned the well on Katie’s credibility,” [Steve] Baer lamented to HuffPost, accurately.

If you’re still struggling to understand why the story didn’t get more coverage, imagine for a moment that you’re a reporter thinking about spending weeks looking into it. Then go read the Daily Beast article. Still ready to go down that rabbit hole?

The links provided by the Huffington Post point to the story being shopped by an outlandish Never Trump Republican named Steve Baer and a former Jerry Springer producer using a pseudonym named Al Taylor, both of whom have been aggressively pushing the story to the media but have stonewalled attempts to actually interview “Jane Doe.” The two men are now threatening to sue each other.

No wonder Huffington Post is wary of the story. This leads to a rather obvious conclusion:

Others have theorized that this is was a last-ditch effort by Hillary Clinton to regain momentum:

Trump will be testifying in the Jane Doe lawsuit in December. Maybe by then people will know who Jane Doe really is.