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Ivanka Trump Plans to Use Her First Lady-ish Platform to Speak About… Global Warming?

​According to a Politico source “close to her,” Ivanka Trump wants to make climate change one of her “signature issues” in her role as the nation’s most prominent First Daughter ever.

With future First Lady Melania Trump consistently maintaining a low-profile, Ivanka—who is graced with talents that make her formidable in the political world, including being utterly unflappable, strikingly beautiful, and a successful businesswoman who is widely admired, including among the elite liberal circles—is poised to eclipse the First Lady on the world stage. So what will she do with that unprecedented degree of influence?

After talking with insiders, Politico suggests Ivanka will continue to serve as “a bridge to moderates and liberals disgusted and depressed with the tone and tenor of the new leader of the free world.” One left-leaning issue in particular appears to be on the top of her list:

Ivanka wants to make climate change — which her father has called a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese — one of her signature issues, a source close to her told Politico. The source said Ivanka is in the early stages of exploring how to use her spotlight to speak out on the issue. …

“The issues she’s talking about are ones she’s always talked about,” said a source close to Ivanka. “These are totally consistent with what she’s developed with her brand. She is playing a critical role in being able to have issues that moderate and liberal women care about — and creating a bridge to the other side.”

Noting that many of the people expressing alarm about the possible actions of the Trump administration have highlighted climate change as a key issue, Politico points out that Ivanka could help alleviate some of those fears. But to do so, of course, could create some major dissonance within the administration. Trump has largely dismissed the issue, his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus recently reiterating that the president-elect generally thinks climate change talk is “a bunch of bunk.”

So could the First Daughter really take a hard stance on the issue? As Politico acknowledges in the same piece, there’s reason to think she might decide not to push it, at least not hard.

With Trump legally separating himself from his businesses, Ivanka is going to take an even more central role in the family business empire, which could further complicate any advisory role she might play within the administration. She’s already experienced pushback from what appears to be potentially problematic involvement in his transition team, with accusations of conflicts of interest already being leveled at the nascent Trump administration. Espousing strong views on key policy issues could make things even more messy.

“For now, Ivanka plans to focus on making a positive case about issues she wants to make her own and stay silent on all the rest — she sees herself as a distinct, sometimes liberal voice, in her father’s orbit,” Politico writes. Whether the progressive left’s favorite big government-pushing narrative will be an issue she chooses to “stay silent on” or one she uses her new platform to promote remains to be seen.