It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Sam Smith — His Latest Music Video Belongs In The Trash


Singer Sam Smith has released a new music video. First, let me say this about this incredible performer: I loved his music. 

But with his latest release “I’m Not Here to Make Friends,” I can no longer love it.

Even though Sam is tremendously talented, I am now going to have to dump his incredible music from my library.


It has nothing to do with his singing gifts — it’s how he’s choosing to use his unique abilities that is beyond the pale.

My decision to ditch him is about who Sam is as a person and what he is introducing to culture now.

He’s no longer releasing beautiful music. His new song is not about him playing the piano and remembering old lovers.

His new music video is yet another example of what happens to an artist who has spent too much time in Hollywood — his ‘art’ essentially becomes pornography.

His new music video, for the song, “I’m Not Here To Make Friends,” is almost too grotesque to even discuss. I go into more detail about it on my show today which can be watched here

The best way to describe it is like “Mrs. Doubtfire” meets “Moulin Rouge” — except it’s just men. It’s absolute filth. The entire thing is sexual, provocative, and inappropriate — replete with leather lingerie, suggestive images, nudity, and more. It’s graphic throughout.

What’s incredible is that this sort of thing is allowed on YouTube. You cannot question Big Pharma authority, and you can’t discuss your reaction to the vaccine, but this garbage is allowed for the world to see — including your children.

The video isn’t posted behind behind any sort of age restriction or verification — even though it is essentially gay smut.

Those who do speak out against this vulgarity being pushed on our kids are accused of being homophobic and hateful. It’s a bogus smear. 

It’s no secret I am against this agenda being pushed onto our children. Of course, my critics never focus on that. They instead choose to make the issue about the immutable characteristics of those I am criticizing.

So for example, when Cardi B makes the song “WAP” and I ridicule it and condemn it, people say “oh, it’s because Cardi B is black” — never mind my own skin color.

So, now that I’m commenting on Sam Smith and he’s white, I am being told I’m only speaking out because he’s gay and ‘gender-bending.’

No, I am speaking out because they are both disgusting.

This isn’t art. These are the products of two imbeciles corrupting our culture and future. It should be thrown out — not put on the internet for millions to see.

People should walk away from this. It shouldn’t be allowed on stage, let alone on your home computer where minors can see it.

When you put this into the arena — think about what it’s doing in people’s minds over time. In effect, it’s softening them to the idea of pornography. This music video belongs on Pornhub, and Pornhub belongs in the trash.

Yet instead of finding this crap in the gutter, you are seeing this sort of crudeness in the mainstream media. You’re getting this on YouTube. People are celebrating this.

The truly sad part is Sam is already talented. He doesn’t need to stoop to this level.

Why can’t he make a video of himself dancing and having a good time — without it being explicitly sexual? Does it really have to be so raunchy? No, of course not. So then why is he doing this?

Well, perhaps because he knows this is what sells now. The more disgusting you are and the more immoral you are, then the more attention Hollywood will give you.

That’s because Hollywood is perverse and satanic. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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