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IT HAPPENS: Kanye West Meets Candace Owens

Last week, Kanye West broke the internet when he tweeted his support for black conservative commentator Candace Owens, saying he appreciated the way she challenged black thinking. If that didn’t drive the Left crazy enough, he later stated his “love” for Trump and posted photos of himself in MAGA swag. Throughout all of that, Kanye never backed down, even in the face of people calling him a psychopath.

Since then, Kanye has been denounced by black political thought leaders as a traitor to his people while celebrities from Jordan Peele to Snoop Dogg have suggested that Kanye West may be speaking from the depths of “the sunken place” — a reference to the hit movie “Get Out,” where brainwashed black men and women are held captive in a prison code-named “the sunken place” by white, liberal elites.

None of the bullying or intimidation has pushed Kanye West into a corner, and to start off what looks like to be another great episode in the Kanye/Trump bromance, the famed rapper is now being photographed meeting with conservative commentator Candace Owens and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. From the Twitter feed of Donald Trump, Jr.:

The meeting was most likely in response to a request made from Candace Owens following Kanye West’s hat-tip to her last week:

Also on Monday, Kanye West tweeted a screenshot from a text conversation with a friend informing him of the Democratic Party’s unfriendly treatment of blacks in the past: