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Islamic Imam: I Repeatedly Warned De Blasio About NYC Terror Hotbeds, Potential Attacks, But I Was Ignored

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Prominent Islamic reformer Imam Mohammad Tawhidi claims he repeatedly warned New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio about Islamic terror hotbeds and potential oncoming attacks starting “years ago” but was continuously ignored.

“About [NYC] terrorist attack, I personally sent letters to Mayor De Blasio online & in person about terrorist breeding in NYC. He did nothing,” wrote the Iranian-born Muslim reformist in the wake of the New York City terror attack on Tuesday evening.

Suspected radical Islamic terrorist Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov drove a rental truck down a bike-path in Manhattan before crashing and fleeing the vehicle. Saipov, who arrived in the United States seven years ago under the “Diversity Visa Program,” killed eight innocents and injured a dozen others.

“I sent him an alarming letter through his website, office, and my employee approached them in person! De Blasio is part of the problem!” he wrote.

“De Blasio knows there are extremist organizations in NY. Can he deny? He can not deny. So what has he done so far!? Nothing!” added the Imam.

Captioning de Blasio’s presser following the attack, Imam Tawhidi wrote: “Now you classify it as an act of terror!? There are terrorist breeding centres in NYC. I wrote to you last year, but you did nothing. Sad.”

The counter-terrorism expert who dubs himself “The Imam of Peace” continued to blast the NYC mayor and the Left’s propensity to deny the reality that Islamic extremism exists:

Imam Tawhidi told The Daily Wire his “legal team will clear letters and I’ll release them” tomorrow.

The brave and outspoken reformer who has been personally affected by ISIS brutes receives death threats on a consistent basis which forces him to take serious security measures at all times for speaking out against Islamic extremism. Yet, he remains undeterred.

Imam Tawhidi has received the endorsement of prominent Islamic reformer and Somali-native Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

The Daily Wire will provide additional coverage on the alleged letters sent by Tawhidi.

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