Is Andrew Tate A Rapist?


Andrew Tate was recently arrested on charges including rape and human trafficking in Romania, but is he really an alleged rapist? Or were the girls involved just willing to sell their bodies in exchange for money and a life of luxury?

Before we answer that question, let’s look at another story where women allegedly agree to trade debased sexual favors in exchange for a life of glam.

There is a website out there called TagTheSponsor.com. Essentially, what the people behind this site do is claim to trap these young, promiscuous girls on Instagram who pretend to be successful “models” by throwing out outlandish sexual offers — all entirely lewd, crude, and crass that go far beyond conventional norms — in exchange for luxury travel, gifts, and more. That happens in real life and the site nicknames the men who support these “models” as “Sponsors.”

Shockingly, these Instagram “models” go along with mortifying propositions. The folks at TagTheSponsor post the conversations online and show how fraudulent their lifestyle really is. It’s disgusting stuff, but this is the price “models” are willing to pay so they can travel to foreign lands and get high-end jewelry supported by “sponsors.”

The point behind the site is to prove that these “sponsorettes” —  as TagTheSponsor calls them — are essentially participating in the world’s oldest profession, though they hide it from their followers.

To secure a life of fame, material, wealth, and fortune, these women readily agree to the most ridiculous, provocative made-up fetishes from TagTheSponsor.com. They’re not models — far from it. That’s just a euphemism for something I don’t need to spell out anymore.

Why does any of this matter? Well, as noted, internet personality Tate has been accused of some very bad crimes against women.

The question again is: Is Tate actually guilty, or did these girls who got involved with him know what they were getting into — similar to the sponsorettes and other “models” around the world?

Now, I’ve actually met Tate. I met him during a group dinner at the Ritz in London. He was the friend of a friend of my then-budding love interest and now-husband. Tate was very nice to me, and for that dinner, I have nothing bad to say about how he treated me. I didn’t speak to him that much — I was literally too busy falling in love with my husband.

Interestingly, at the time I had an assistant who happened to be Romanian. This girl was not the brightest, to put it bluntly, and was also obsessed with Instagram. She would post a lot of seductive photos online and spout dumb comments in real life. She wasn’t a very good assistant.

Needless to say, she isn’t working for me anymore, but she did spend a lot of time talking to Tate that night in England.

At the end of dinner, my former assistant told me that she thought Tate was a pimp in Romania. This seemed crazy because he wasn’t from Romania and I didn’t take her seriously at the time. Then the arrest happened and Tate was accused of being just that and more.

So what do I think now?

Well, based on the evidence I have seen, I don’t think Tate is a rapist. He is exactly what he tells us he is.

Tate openly admits that he expects women to submit to his demands — sexual and otherwise. He has never hidden who he is. In private and public communication, Tate states explicitly what he does to these women and what can be expected if they enter into a relationship, professional or not, with him.

In short, he is really a modern Hugh Hefner of sorts.

To be clear, I do not support Tate’s lifestyle at all. As a Christian, I could never support it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look at it objectively.

I believe that Tate was always upfront with these women in the same way the Playboy Mansion is upfront with Playboy models as to what is expected of them: Wearing scantily clad clothing and bunny ears for Hugh Hefner.

Unlike Hefner’s smut in America, the risk of doing something like in Romania is that it is a notoriously corrupt country. It has been for quite some time. Perhaps Tate did whatever he was doing there for legal reasons while taking the risk Romania could trump up charges against him.

It isn’t a stretch to wonder whether or not the Romanian government simply brought charges against Tate so they could seize his assets.

Legacy Media, for its part, has done everything in its power to condemn Tate as guilty.

They hate him. Why? Well, he’s an outspoken anti-feminist. He may not exactly have the right idea about true masculinity, but the internet and media hate anybody who speaks out against feminism or goes against it for whatever reason.

Now, the media keeps revealing private convos that he has had with women — presumably in order to provide evidentiary support behind the claims against him. 

For example, in one conversation he demanded that a woman get a tattoo with his name. Allegedly all the girls in Tate’s posse have to get a tattoo. To paraphrase, Tate is saying those are the rules if they want to work for him or be connected to him.

Again, that does not mean he is a rapist necessarily. In other conversations, he speaks very degradingly and assertively and dominates these women. 

Yet we know that there are many women who are into this kind of BDSM fetish. For some people, this sort of talk is a sexual kink. Most people don’t want to believe that there are women who are into this, but there are.

Now, anybody who has listened to Tate for more than a minute knows that he has been honest about his views of women. There is no mystery that he believes women should submit to him and that they should not expect his loyalty. 

It isn’t outlandish to suspect that the women who were engaging in conversations with him knew what they were getting into when they DMed him. 

That raises another point. It makes me sick that we have to pretend that in every situation the woman is the victim. Society wants you to believe that women never have any power.

The “Metoo movement” disempowered women, but the truth is that women take advantage of men, too, in order to get what they want.

How so? Well, women around the globe know that the easiest way to get what they want — especially from rich men who are well-connected — is to sell sex. This isn’t anything new. 

Sex is a power that women have and they tend to wield it heavily. They use it for greedy purposes — as evidenced by the sponsorette page.

All that being said, I want to emphasize that I do not agree with the way Tate lives his life, but two things can be true at once. 

You can condemn Tate and his business and personal life, while also entertaining the idea that the women who involved themselves with him knew what they were getting into. Perhaps they did it for money, perhaps it was for fame — it likely was for a certain lifestyle that he provided.

But that is what you call an exchange.

There is going to be a lot more to this story, and so far, I have not been surprised by anything that I have seen. 

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