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IRONY: Social Media Mob Comes For Sarah Jeong, Who Cheered Social Media Mobbing Of Others

By  Ben Shapiro

I’ve already argued today that Sarah Jeong, the new New York Times editorial board member, shouldn’t be fired for her old racist tweets, since social media mobbing has become far too prevalent, and since her tweets were known about by her employer when they hired her.

With that said, Sarah Jeong is one of the biggest hypocrites in America if she thinks she opposes the social media mob now targeting her. On occasion after occasion, she has come out in favor of social media mobbing, including the destruction of lives and careers.

Take, for example, her reaction to the destruction of Tim Hunt. Hunt, a former honorary professor with the University College London School of Life And Medical Sciences, and Nobel Prize-winner in physiology and medicine, as well as recipient of the Royal Medal, was destroyed over a poorly-made sexist joke. He had no history of sexism, and female members of his laboratory came to his defense. His wife is a prominent scientist in her own right. His joke, in context, was clearly a reference to his own marriage; he followed up by stating that segregation of the sexes in the laboratory would make men worse off. But here was Jeong’s response after Hunt was mobbed out of a job and forced to leave his home country:

Then there was Jeong’s reaction to the firing of Benny Johnson:

And then there was Jeong’s reaction to the social media mobbing of PR executive Justine Sacco, who infamously had her life destroyed over an idiotic joke tweet regarding a trip to Africa:

And here’s Jeong’s reaction to New York Times columnist Bari Weiss being mobbed on Twitter:

When Mozilla Firefox founder Brendan Eich was forced from his CEO position after it came out that he supported traditional marriage, Jeong tweeted:

So, she’s a delight. And she’s fine with certain social media mobs…presumably just not the ones that come after her for her old racist tweets.

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