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IRONY: Elizabeth Warren Says She Has ‘Zero’ Sympathy For College Admissions Scam

On Wednesday, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) weighed in on the Felicity Huffman/Lori Loughlin-centric college admissions scam that has taken the nation by storm. The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti reported yesterday on the scam:

Nearly 50 people have been charged in a massive college entrance exam cheating and bribery plot, according the Federal Bureau of Investigations, including a number of high-profile CEOs, and Hollywood actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. …

In all, 33 parents — including Loughlin and Huffman — allegedly paid a collective sum of $25 million to a college admissions counselor named William Singer, according to ABC News, who then “bribed college officials, coaches and college entrance exam administrators, who then helped students secure admissions ‘not on their merits but through fraud.'”

The FBI contends that Singer’s bribes went to officials at some of the most elite colleges in the country, including Yale, Stanford, UCLA, Georgetown, the University of San Diego, Wake Forest, the University of Texas, and the University of Southern California, and to college entrance exams administrators for both the SAT and ACT.

It turns out that Warren, whose (exceedingly) dubious claim to Cherokee ancestry has dogged her for much of her legal, academic, and political career, has some thoughts on the kerfuffle. Per Fox News:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said she had “zero” sympathy for parents caught up in the college cheating scandal during a Wednesday appearance on MSNBC.

Warren did not elaborate on her feelings after being asked the question as part of a number of rapid-fire questions posed by “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski.

That would be a rather ironic sense of moral indignation for someone of alleged 1/1024th Cherokee ancestry who nonetheless thought it fit to rely upon that purported ancestry as part of her application for the State Bar of Texas. Perhaps Warren ought to consider that she is not the most well-suited spokesperson for this particular crusade.

Indeed, some conservatives on Twitter quickly called out Warren.

“Elizabeth Warren just said she had ‘zero’ sympathy for the parents involved in the college admissions cheating scandal,” tweeted Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “It’s ironic that she’s so offended given that she lied about being a minority to climb the Ivy League ladder.”

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro was certainly amused.

According to, Warren faces rather steep odds for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Right now, on the prediction market website, she finds herself in sixth place, behind Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), former Vice President Joe Biden, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX), Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), and entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

Warren’s 1/1024th Cherokee DNA test revelation was considered by many to be a self-inflicted wound. Vanity Fair referred in December to the ordeal as “DNA-gate,” and pointed out how Warren was even called out by the Cherokee Nation:

Not all of [Warren’s] pre-emptive moves were deemed successful: Warren’s decision to take a DNA test to head off Trump’s questions about her claim to Native American ancestry, which she used to bolster her application to teach at Harvard University, mostly backfired when she was criticized by the Cherokee Nation.

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