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IRONY: Chelsea Manning Threatens ‘Fascists’ With His Jackboot. Seriously.

By  James Barrett

File this under “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.” Traitor Bradley Manning-turned-social justice icon Chelsea Manning — who was released by President Obama right before leaving office — has a message for all the “FASCISTS” out there: they deserve the jackboot …

In a series of tweets in “solidarity” with Antifa, Manning calls for fellow members of the “Real Resistance” to “defend against fascism by any means necessary” and accuses the “police/intel/military state” of “defending fascism” and being the “real ‘agitator.'”

“[i]n solidarity! defend against fascism by any means necessary,” wrote Manning in another tweet. “[W]e are #RealResistance.”

Called out online for the call for violence, Manning responded, “‘by any means necessary’ is not an organization … its a concept … we defend ourselves by all means possible.”

“[T]he police/intel/military state defending fascism is the real ‘agitator’ here… dismantle the police state!” added Manning in another tweet.

So, yeah, the solution to fascism, according the recently released traitor, is fascism. In other words, Manning wholeheartedly agrees with the methods of Antifa, which the left-leaning media are working together to sanitize and raise up as the Left’s heroic response to the white nationalist alt-righters and Klansmen. In fact, just over the weekend CNN published a report on the Antifa’s promotion of “peace through violence” that has yet again exposed its dangerous leftwing bias (CNN eventually changed the title of the article, raising more eyebrows).

As National Review‘s David French explained upon Manning’s release, the former United States Army Soldier put “massive amounts of sensitive information into the public domain, including information that could teach the enemy exactly how we plan, equip, and execute missions both routine and extraordinary”:

… Bradley Manning was no ordinary “leaker.” When he dumped hundreds of thousands of military and diplomatic secrets into the public domain, he violated every single tenet of the warrior ethos. He abandoned the mission. He “accepted” defeat and, through his data dumps, worked to facilitate it. He quit on his comrades, acting with utter, callous disregard for their lives. His message to his unit and to his nation was clear: He would disobey lawful orders and risk killing his comrades to, in his words, stimulate “worldwide discussions, debates, and reforms.”

For that potentially deadly betrayal, Manning was given a 35-year sentence. In 2014, Manning legally changed his name to Chelsea Manning, subsequently demanding that the government fund his transition. In fact, one of the points of concern from the media about the convicted traitor’s release was that Manning would “lose transgender benefits with dishonorable discharge.”

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Despite his extremely serious crimes, for which a 35-year sentence was remarkably merciful, President Obama pardoned Manning just before leaving office in January. Here’s French again on the significance of Obama’s actions:

When Barack Obama commuted Manning’s sentence yesterday, he signaled once again that, even after eight long years as commander-in-chief, he simply does not understand the essence of military leadership or the core of military culture. By minimizing Manning’s crimes, he violated his own obligation to men and women in uniform. It was his job to enforce the lawful military norms that have been forged through centuries of bitter battlefield experience. Instead, he violated those norms, ensuring that Manning will serve no more time than men convicted of far more mundane crimes.

Now Manning is openly calling for vigilante violence to put down whomever the Left deems to be “fascists.” Good call, Obama.

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