IRANIAN REGIME JOINS BLACK LIVES MATTER: Ayatollah BLASTS United States: 'U.S. Police Murder Black Women, Men, And Children' | The Daily Wire
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IRANIAN REGIME JOINS BLACK LIVES MATTER: Ayatollah BLASTS United States: ‘U.S. Police Murder Black Women, Men, And Children’

By  Ben Shapiro

On Monday, Ayatollah Khamenei, the current Supreme Leader of Iran, tweeted out his opposition to the United States, suggesting that American complaints about human rights violations by Iran against protesters are hypocritical. Why? Because of supposed police misconduct against black Americans:

Now, put aside the fact that the Iranian regime openly discriminates against members of other religions, particularly Christians and Jews; put aside the fact that Iran still criminalizes homosexual activity; put aside the fact that Iran is currently jailing dissidents and shooting handfuls of them in the streets; put aside the fact that Iran is the single greatest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet.

Focus instead on the fact that Iran is picking up Left-wing talking points for use against the United States.

That’s no shock. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union routinely used America’s racial injustices as clubs to wield against her; while the Soviets were busily exterminating dissenters, they were pointing to segregation in the United States. At the time, at least this the Soviets could rightly point to America’s oppression of black Americans. But that simply isn’t the case anymore. There is no serious statistical evidence of widespread targeting of black Americans for murder by police officers. There are bad cops; there are racist cops. But the accusation that America’s justice system is designed to let racist cops murder black people for no reason, then acquit them – that’s pure fantasy.

This is just the Iranian regime attempting to curry favor with the American Left by championing its favored causes and flinging mud at America’s skirt, the same way Osama Bin Laden once used global warming as an excuse for terrorism.

Here’s the truth: America will always have internal issues. But America has always been a beacon of light relative to other countries on the planet, and particularly when compared with despotisms like Iran or the Soviet Union. That’s not an excuse for our own issues. But to fall into the trap of equating the behavior of the Iranian regime with that of America’s democratic republic is to stand with tyranny and against the last, best hope of mankind.

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