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Iranian Protests Continue to Gain Support

As the protests in Iran continue growing in size and scope, many officials have announced their support.

On Tuesday afternoon Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) announced his support for the protests in Iran in a statement on Twitter, calling the regime “hopelessly corrupt” and claiming “the waves of protests filling the streets speak for themselves.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also announced his support for the protests on last Thursday, asserting, “Iranian people deserve respect for their human rights.”

In a video posted to Twitter, the Revolutionary Guard is seen approaching protesters while in riot gear.

The protests are a result of many Iranians being dissatisfied with the current state of the economy in Iran and the foreign policies of the mullahs’ regime.

“A key factor about these protests is their continuity,” Hanif Jazayeri, an active Iranian political activist told The Daily Wire. “Since the start of 2018, there’s not been a day without anti-regime protests in at least several Iranian cities. Now they’ve reached the capital.”

In another video, a man is seen beating protestors with a baton.

Jazayeri has shared several videos in the past few days depicting protests in Iran chanting and marching on the streets of major cities. Some of the recent videos highlight protests where participants chant against the foreign policies of the mullahs’ government. “No to Gaza, no to Lebanon,” the protestors chant in one video. “Palestine and Syria are only a cause of trouble,” they chant in another.

Several videos show the protests erupting in Tehran’s Bazaar. “The Bazaar has always acted as the pulse of Iran’s economy,” Jazayeri explained. “Let’s not forget, the Bazaar merchants had a key role in bringing down the Shah’s dictatorship in 1979. Now, these latest protests pose a major threat to the mullahs’ regime. But these protests are not just about the economy.”

Another video shows police officers in riot gear hitting their batons on the doors of closed shops. Alireza Nader, the CEO & founder of NRG, posted the video claiming that “the regime” is using “intimidation & force striking baazaris to re-open their shops.”

Jazeyeri believes that the protests are coordinated and organized by the MEK, the main opposition group to the Iranian government, and will result in many changes to the country. “The regime’s grip on society is in tatters, the protests now have a viable leadership, and international pressure on the regime is on the rise – there’s just no way things would go back to where they were before.”

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