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Instagram Censors Conservative Columnist For Saying: Planned Parenthood Kills More Blacks Than The KKK

Conservative columnist Ryan Bomberger, a black man who was adopted after being conceived in rape, dared to speak the truth about Planned Parenthood and abortion in general: it kills more black people than the KKK ever did. For that, Instagram censored him.

Writing for LifeNews, Bomberger claims that a meme he had created for #WorldPopulationDay in which he blasted Planned Parenthood for their killing of black children was censored by Instagram for supposedly violating “community guidelines.”

“Instagram deleted our post, threatening to restrict or disable our account if we violate their guidelines again,” said Bomberger. “The meme wasn’t threatening violence–it denounced racial violence, no matter the era. But Titans of Tolerance have no interest in the truth. They can delete our posts, and even our account, but they can’t delete the truth. And of course, there was no due process, no appeal process, no one to reach to correct this injustice. There was no option other than to click OK and the purge was complete.”

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Obviously, the meme makes some unsettling claims, but the URL provided in the meme demonstrates some chilling, undeniable facts. Bomberger continues: “An image of a noose appears above those words as an instrument of racial violence (which killed an estimated 3,446 African-Americans). Today, an estimated 247 black lives are killed every day by Planned Parenthood with forceps, chemicals and other devices.”

While certainly inflammatory, the meme had no shortage of supporters, with thousands liking and sharing it on social media. Bill Johnson – pastor of California megachurch Bethel Church also shared it on Instagram.

Bomberger acknowledges that the image of a noose could offend some people, but the offense they take is offset by the cold reality that people seem to ignore.

“The meme is the problem, not the genocide,” he writes. “And yes, I used the word genocide. Fannie Lou Hamer did, too. Oh, and so did pre-pro-abortion Rev. Jesse Jackson. What do you call it when more black babies are killed by abortion than are born alive? This is the grim reality in NYC where Planned Parenthood was spawned.”

To illustrate his point, Bomberger documents Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s well-documented history with racism and eugenics, something her supporters either ignore or attempt to explain away:

Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, boasted about keynoting a Ku Klux Klan meeting on in her autobiography (pp. 366-367). And no, not everyone was a racist in 1938, nor was every political figure open to speaking to a terrorist organization like the KKK. But Sanger found it amusing to address a secret meeting with KKK members and bragged about getting a dozen offers to speak to similar groups.

Sanger’s Planned Parenthood and Birth Control Review boards were filled with eugenicists who proudly paraded their vile racism and elitism. One of those was Lothrop Stoddard, a eugenicist, klansman, Planned Parenthood Board member and a prolific writer whose words inspired the NAZIS. His 1921 book, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy (as if you need any further explanation than the title), was a blueprint for racial hygiene theory employed with grotesque and incomprehensible effect during the Holocaust. Stoddard wrote (pg. 162): ‘The white race divides into three main sub-species the Nordics, the Alpines, and the Mediterraneans. All three are good stocks, ranking in genetic worth well above the various colored races. However, there seems to be no question that the Nordic is far and away the most valuable type; standing, indeed, at the head of the whole human genus. As Madison Grant well expresses it, the Nordic is ‘The Great Race.’ Madison Grant was the co-founder of the deeply racist American Eugenics Society (AES), and his book Passing of the Great Racewas considered by Hitler to be his most valuable book.

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