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INSANITY: California Set To Be A Sanctuary State

By  Aaron Bandler

The loony left-wing People’s Republic of California is poised to become a sanctuary state, shielding illegal immigrants from deportation and refusing to work with federal immigration authorities.

On Saturday, the state legislature passed Senate Bill 54 designating California as a sanctuary state, which Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is expected to sign into law. Brown agreed to support the bill once it allowed for the state to work with immigration officials if the illegal in question was convicted of a violent crime.

Otherwise, the state will not cooperate with the federal law enforcement. The bill also prevents law enforcement from asking anyone about their immigration status as well as bar law enforcement from arresting anyone based on immigration status.

Sen. Kevin de León, who authored the bill, declared: “This is a measure that reflects the values of who we are as a great state.”

Thomas Homan, the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), slammed the sanctuary state move in a statement.

“California politicians have chosen to prioritize politics over public safety,” said Homan. “Disturbingly, the legislation serves to codify a dangerous policy that deliberately obstructs our country’s immigration laws and shelters serious criminal alien offenders.”

The move comes amid the Trump administration’s efforts to crack down on sanctuary cities, which has been hampered by a federal judge bizarrely ruling that the federal government can’t deny funding to sanctuary cities.

California’s soon-to-be sanctuary state status is yet another example of how far the state has sunk into leftism, and willing to ignore the tragic results of similar policies, including the murder of Kate Steinle. Illegal immigrants are already a major drain on California’s budget and will only exacerbate the state’s increase in crime. It’s also a move that’s just plain lawless, as the state is thumbing their noses at federal law.

The Golden State may be at the point of no return.

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