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Insane Alex Jones Sends His Team To Insane Women’s March. The Result Is What You’d Expect.

For posterity, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire and underrated method actor Alex Jones sent a team of journalists/provocateurs to the increasingly hysterical and gross Women’s March this weekend, and things went exactly as you’d expect — that is to say, it was equal parts hysterical, combative, absurd and entertaining.

As The Daily Wire highlighted, the Women’s March hit peak crazy this year, with abortion enthusiasts defending the murder of unborn children up until seconds before the child’s birth, unhinged anti-Trumpers literally calling for the assassination of the President and Vice President of the United States, and self-described “feminists” defending the oppression of women in Islamist countries.

Enter conspiracy theory site Info Wars, who went in to do what Jones loves to do: crazy-up the crazy. A few highlights from the inevitably entertaining video produced by Jones and co.: the feminists’ conflicted response to a Bill Clinton “RAPE” T-shirt; the feminsts’ conflation of every leftwing agenda item with their “bodies” (particularly guns); a “male feminist” attacking the man-on-the-street; and the overtly sexist declarations made by just about every marcher, like the ubiquitous “The Future Is Female” slogans and “No Country For Old Men.”

WATCH the perfect insanity below (warning: language):

For another man-on-street adventure in the Women’s March, check out Fleccas’ video here.

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