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INSANE: ACLU Now Opposes Accused Students Having So Many Rights, All To Bash Trump

By  Ben

On Friday, the American Civil Liberties Union came out against the Title IX reforms proposed by the Trump Department of Education, led by Betsy Devos. Those reforms are based on preserving the rights of the accused while still protecting accusers in sexual assault cases – but the ACLU, caving to the woke Left, has decided that it is no longer worthwhile to protect such accused people. Civil liberties go by the wayside when it comes to sexual assault, apparently.

The Title IX reforms, as David French aptly describes at National Review, requires colleges to end their kangaroo courts when it comes to sexual assault – courts that have caught up students in an un-American, Kafka-esque process of proving their innocence. The new rules require colleges to permit cross-examination of witnesses including the accuser by attorneys for the accused, and stops universities from allowing evidence from those who refuse cross-examination. Furthermore, the new Title IX regulations allow the accused to see the evidence given against them – and yes, there were schools that prohibited the accused from even knowing the nature of the accusations against them.

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