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“Independent Journalist” Rania Khalek Steps Down as Editor of Electronic Intifada

Independent journalist Professional propagandist Rania Khalek announced that she stepped down as editor of Electronic Intifada, an anti-Semitic website that has a history of publishing “anti-Zionist” invective.

This came as a response to Khalek being invited to speak at an event sponsored by British Syrian Society, an organization founded by Bashar Al-Assad’s father-in law, about Syrian sanctions.

Khalek has faced a lot of criticism from fellow leftists for what they perceive as pro-Assad rhetoric. For example, she wrote an article in The Intercept claiming that U.S. and EU sanctions against Syria have harmed humanitarian efforts without once mentioning President Al-Assad’s insidious campaign that has killed as many as 470,000 in five years. She recently lamented over the fact Lebanese citizens cared more about Islamic State and Syria than they did about Israel and the Palestinian-Arabs.

Prior to her departure from Electronic Intifada, Khalek wrote several articles targeting Jewish groups for defending Israel and Jews on college campuses. During Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s last counteroffensive against the genocidal terrorist group Hamas, Khalek wrote an article accusing Israel of using DIME bombs against Gazans, using the testimony of disgraced Dr. Mads Gilbert who claimed that Israel’s bombs “turned skin, muscle and even bones into charcoal.”

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