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Illegal Immigrants Block Entrance To Disneyland To Protest For DACA

By  Ben Shapiro

On Monday, so-called DREAMers, protected by President Obama under his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, blocked a vehicle entrance at Disneyland to protest the government’s failure to extend DACA. According to The Los Angeles Times:

The DACA recipients, commonly called Dreamers, stood in a crosswalk at South Harbor Boulevard around 10 a.m. and blocked buses from entering the Anaheim theme park. The 15 protesters were quickly removed by law enforcement officers and were relocated to a sidewalk, where they held signs and chanted, “No dream! No deal!”….”The group is only about 20 people, who have been peaceful. Disneyland is operating as normal today,” Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown said in an email.

As a regular Disneyland patron, this is insanely idiotic. What the hell does the Happiest Place On Earth™ have to do with people in the country illegally retaining their ability to stay in the country? Why does it help illegal immigrants to prevent my three-year-old daughter from seeing Mickey Mouse, exactly?

Disney is a left-wing corporation politically, too. Beyond that, Disneyland itself has a rather strict immigration policy: no ticket, no entry. There’s a giant wall surrounding the theme park. Everyone who enters has to go through security.

This is just another example of those on the Left irritating the hell out of passersby in order to promulgate their political agenda. Unfortunately for them, it’s not going to work.

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