Illegal Alien Already On Probation For Assault With A Deadly Weapon Charged In Killing Of Texas Corporal
Oscar Rosales taken into custody.
Photo courtesy of @Pct4Constable/ The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office.

An illegal alien already on probation for assault with a deadly weapon has been charged in the killing of Harris County Constable Corporal Charles Galloway in Texas. Oscar Rosales, who is from Central America, was arrested on Wednesday by U.S. Marshalls in Mexico in connection with the shooting of Galloway this past Sunday. Rosales is accused of killing the corporal just after midnight in Houston, Texas, during a traffic stop. His common-law wife and brother-in-law have also been charged in relation to the murder case.

On Wednesday, a judge denied Rosales bond after hearing the details of how he allegedly shot Galloway in cold blood before speeding off during a traffic stop. The suspect reportedly shot at the corporal a dozen times, but only one bullet killed Galloway.

Upon arriving at the scene and pronouncing Galloway dead, authorities ran the plates on the vehicle seen in the dashboard camera. That led them to the home of Reina Azucena Pereira Marquez, Rosales’ common-law wife of 17 years. She claimed that he had gone hunting with his friends:

When investigators arrived at Reina Marquez’s residence, they made contact with her, and she claimed ownership of the car.

According to court documents, Reina Marquez told investigators that her common-law husband of 17 years, Oscar Rosales, picked up the car at about midnight and left his white Dodge Ram truck in the driveway.

Rosales told Reina Marquez that he was going hunting or shooting with friends, court documents say. Reina Marquez told investigators that she saw Rosales take two long guns from a safe before he left.

Later on Sunday, police tracked down Reina Marquez’s vehicle to an apartment complex where authorities say they witnessed “Henri Mauricio Pereira Marquez (Reina Azucena Pereira Marquez’s brother), wiping down the door handles of the car.”

“Reina Marquez said she met her brother at the apartment and that the cleaning supplies used to clean the car were inside the unit, court documents stated,” local media reported.

Reina Marquez and her brother have been charged with tampering with evidence and both were arrested Sunday.

With the help of U.S. Marshalls, Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force, and the Mexican government, authorities tracked down Rosales who allegedly fled to Mexico. He was arrested and brought back to Houston where he will now spend his time in jail while waiting for trial.

On Wednesday, Mark Herman, Harris County Constable Precinct 4, shared photos of the suspect return to American soil.

“SUSPECTED COP MURDERER BACK IN HOUSTON!,” Herman tweeted, “Murder suspect, Oscar Rosales is back in Houston after being captured by US Marshals in Mexico.”

“Constable Deputies were there when he arrived at Hooks Airport and are now escorting him to jail,” the account added.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to Fox News that Rosales was in the country illegally and that an immigration retainer has been placed on the individual:

“Rosales previously illegally entered the U.S. on an unknown date and at unknown location without inspection or parole by U.S. immigration officials and later fled to Mexico after allegedly murdering a Harris County (Texas) Constables Office deputy,” an ICE spokesperson confirmed to Fox News. 

Additionally, Fox News reports that his common-law wife and her brother are also illegal aliens.

According to The Texan, “During a probable cause hearing Wednesday night, an assistant district attorney noted that Rosales was on deferred adjudication for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon from December 10, 1995, and that a motion to adjudicate was filed in June of 1996.”

It is unclear when Rosales’ trial will start.

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