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IHOP Finally Reveals Its New Name. Let The Freakouts Commence.

By  Amanda

The president of IHOP has finally announced the new changes coming to the iconic pancake franchise — and it has nothing at all to do with pancakes.

Last week, IHOP’s official Twitter account teased the restaurant’s new “flipped” acronym: IHOb. President Darren Rebelez revealed Monday on “Fox & Friends” that the “b” stands for burgers.

“I’d love to welcome all of America to the world’s first ‘IHOb’ restaurant, which stands for the ‘International House of Burgers,” he said.

“You can get pancakes with your burger at the same time so you don’t even have to choose,” said Rebelez, who clarified that the new name is only temporary. It’s a “high-risk maneuver,” he admitted.

Despite Rebelez’s reassuring words that pancakes will still be a massive part of their operations, the internet did not take kindly to the breakfast blasphemy. Here are some of the more comical freakouts:

And as usual, it was Wendy’s for the win:

Seriously, who is running that account and why are they not press secretary?

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