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‘I Wish We Had Trump’: Britons Angry Over Lack Of Brexit Plan

By  Ashe Schow

In 2016, voters in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Now, nearly three years later, citizens are still waiting for a plan from their government.

The break was formally set to happen on March 29, but now, a month later, there is still no deal, and lawmakers are discussing a second referendum.

Robert Perry told the Los Angeles Times’ special correspondent in London that he would lose votes in the Conservative Party if they can’t deliver on Brexit, and wishes U.S. President Donald Trump was leading Great Britain.

“The country has been shafted,” Perry said. “If we had Trump, he would have said: ‘Take it or leave it.’ I wish we had Trump right now.”

Perry further told the outlet that he thinks Brexit will just keep getting delayed and said those who voted to remain have been “bullying” those who voted to leave the EU who think Brexiters are dumb.

Seventy-six-year-old Tony Gilligan told the Times that he voted for “Brexit,” but the way the vote has been handled “have made this look like a John Cleese comedy show.”

“We have always run ourselves. We dictate, we don’t get dictated to,” Gilligan told the Times. “It’s made us a laughingstock when we were ‘Great Britain.’”

Gilligan told the outlet that he blames “the idiots in Parliament that are arguing over everything instead of running our country like they’re supposed to be.” Still angry, he added: “I can’t believe that a bunch of so-called adults who are supposedly running Great Britain have made this look like a John Cleese comedy show.”

Further, Gilligan said he thinks Britain should have left the European Union on March 29 even without a deal, and called the notion of a second referendum “a slap in the face for the people — they have already voted.”

He asked when the referendums would stop, “best of three? Five?”

A Hornchurch elected official told the Times street protests may be coming.

“We need to turn on the establishment and in the short term, have some sort of civil disobedience,” said Councilman Graham Williamson.

Williamson also said he wanted to see a new form of government in the country, using Switzerland as a model.

“I think we need proportional representation, the Swiss model of government or some form of it,” he told the Times.

Joann Peake, 78, told the Times she is “embarrassed on behalf of our country.” The local bartender said the lack of a Brexit deal makes Britons “look like idiots.”

“We are allowing another country to tell us how to conduct our life when this isn’t what it should all be about. People went to war twice so we could have freedom of speech,” she said.

Another common thread among those interviewed by the Times is disagreement with current immigration policy. Peake said migrants using Britain’s welfare and healthcare systems has been “impacting on our life.” She said “the National Health Service is in dire straits because there are too many people, and too many of them not paying into the system.”

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