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‘I Know The President’s Psychology’: Limbaugh Explains Why Trump Went Along With Lockdown
Rush Limbaugh speaks before US President Donald Trump takes the stage during the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida on December 21, 2019. (Photo by Nicholas Kamm / AFP)
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Popular conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh spent a large portion of his Tuesday show highlighting the damage of lockdown policies across the nation, which he argued were largely politically motivated and ineffective against the virus.

The conservative host, tapping into President Donald Trump’s “psychology,” also explained why he believes Trump went along with such futile efforts.

“I’ve got a series of stories here in the Stack of Stuff that are really aimed at demonstrating how pretty much everything we’ve been told here from beginning of this has not been true,” Limbaugh said, referring to mitigation efforts against the novel coronavirus, and the fatality rate of the virus itself. “Some of you sly dogs out there, you’ve sent me emails. ‘Do you realize when you say this, you’re including Trump? You’re saying Trump lied…'”

Limbaugh sees it differently. According to the host, Trump was “lied to” about the virus by folks he wanted to trust and respect, which was apparently accomplished because the president is not innately partisan or political.

“No, I’m not including Trump in it,” he said. “I mean, I guess I could, but I think Trump was lied to, too, by people he wanted to believe. He was lied to by people he wanted to respect. He was lied to by people he wanted to respect him.”

“Look, I know the person Donald Trump better than some of his close friends know him. I just do. Do not doubt me on this,” Limbaugh emphasized.

“I know the president’s psychology. … Not as a trained psychologist. I’m just telling you: I know the guy,” continued the host. “I know what motivates him. I know what makes him happy. I know the kind of things that he would hope to have had.”

Trump “fully expected that a month after he was inaugurated, that all this stuff would go by the wayside and the country would unify,” he argued. “His experience in New York has been universal love. They loved him when he was on ‘The Apprentice.’ They loved him when he was operating his casinos in Atlantic City. They loved him when he was the back page, front page, New York Post, Page Six.”

“They loved him constantly. He got used to it,” Limbaugh said.

“Once it started — once this vitriol, once this hatred, once he realized what they were trying to do to him — he did not change to try to make them go away,” the host said. “He did not change and bend to their will in order to make it go away. He stood up and took the fight to them.”

Limbaugh said the impeachment, the so-called “coup” and Russian collusion efforts against the president from the Left, “is one of the major disappointments of his life. … It’s not a badge of honor. I don’t care what anybody says, it’s not a badge of honor.”

“But, yeah, they continue lying to [Trump],” Limbaugh said. “They lied to him about the virus. They lied to about 2.2 million people might die. And it was only because the people he was talking to are the creme de la creme in American health care, in American disease, in American medicine.”

The president “wanted to believe they were on his side,” Limbaugh said. “Despite what he’s seen from the FBI, despite what he’s seen from Comey, despite what he’s seen from Mueller — despite all that — in this instance, he still wanted to believe that people were on his side and were willing to work with him, because of the nature of this virus and disease and the potential problem.”

“But it didn’t take him long to figure out what their really objective was. Their really objective was to get the country shut down, get the economy stopped, keep it shut down as long as possible so that the negative impact on him would be insurmountable,” the host argued. “He would not be able to win reelection in November.”

“I know many of you are saying, ‘He should have known it from the get-go,'” Limbaugh said. “Maybe. I’m not gonna comment on it.”

“Remember, Trump — even after all of this — is not instinctively political, meaning he’s not instinctively ideological,” said Rush. “He still looks at all of these Democrats and he does not see liberalism first. He sees it at some point as he’s assessing them. But he sees them as the opposition. He sees them as Democrats. He sees them as fake news or liars or what have you.”

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