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I Cut the Cable Cord for America — What’s Stopping You?

By  John Nolte

The left-wing infrastructure of both the news media and popular culture (Hollywood) is primarily propped up by a one-legged stool known as Bundled Cable and Satellite Television.

This is how it works … and this is hugely important … in fact, this is everything…

1) If you want to enjoy cable (or satellite) television, the tragic reality is that you are currently forced to purchase a package. In other words, if you only want to watch Fox News, Turner Classic Movies, and AMC, you are forced to buy a package that also includes left-wing networks like CNN (which is Hitler), MTV, and ESPN.

2) CNN (which is Hitler), MTV, and ESPN are left-wing propaganda networks that use their considerable financial power to destroy everything conservatives hold dear: Christianity, the American melting pot, law and order, etc. These networks and others, foment racial hatred, violence, and division. They are cancers on all that is objectively good and decent, and…




4) How rigged is the bundled TV game? So rigged that whether or not you watch CNN (which is Hitler), if CNN (which is Hitler) is part of your cable package, you are funding their campaigns to start riots in black neighborhoods and to folk-hero violence against Donald Trump. It is called a carriage fee, and everyone who subscribes to cable or satellite television pays this fee as a hidden part of your cable bill.

5) To the tune of about $8 a year, you are keeping CNN (which is Hitler) on the air. To the tune of about $85 a year you are keeping left-wing, anti-Christian ESPN on the air. That might not sound like a lot of money, but if you multiply it by 80 to 90 million cable customers, in the case of CNN (which is Hitler), that’s nearly a BILLION annual dollars. ESPN is earning more than $6 BILLION.

6) Merit, ratings, and actual viewership have NOTHING to do with the majority of the funds these and other left-wing cable networks rake in. Their overall ratings are so low, they could not survive at the level they currently do on advertising alone. This is why you see so many catheter ads on these networks.

Roughly 50% of CNN’s (which is Hitler) annual revenue comes from this carriage fee racket — from suckers like you.

7) In other words, NOT watching is not enough. The only way to cripple these networks is to cut off these carriage fees. The only way to cut off these carriage fees is to cancel your cable or satellite package.

8) Cancelling your cable package works. Because people are wising up and moving to streaming (more on this below), ESPN alone has lost 7 million subscribers over the last two years. That is 7 million fewer suckers forking out $85 a year. Do the math. This is why Keith Olbermann and other leftists no longer have that ESPN megaphone. Less money equals less power.

9) Because of carriage fees, these networks do not have to try and please the customers. There is no need for CNN (which is Hitler) to stop being Hitler. The game has been so beautifully rigged, ratings don’t really matter.

For years now, I have been sounding the alarm on the reality of this rigged game and how you, the consumer, can fight back by cancelling your cable package (what’s called cord-cutting). Admittedly, this is not an easy thing to do, especially for sports fans and cable news addicts worried about getting their fix. But it is the only way to truly cripple the Left — to cut off a pipeline funneling billions of your dollars to them.

Today is, however, the first time I have been able to write about this subject from the perspective of a cord-cutter. With this in mind, let me see if I can better convince you to cut the cord … for America.

Because of my professional responsibilities, for years my previous employer paid for my cable television package. The full-boat. Since I covered everything from Hollywood to the mainstream media, I had to have access to it all. If that sounds like a pretty sweet deal, it was … but not as sweet as you might think.

Work-wise, this massively expensive cable package was invaluable. Personally, though, I just didn’t use it all that much. All I really did was DVR full seasons of about a half-dozen shows (“Justified,” “Walking Dead,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Bates Motel,” “The Americans,” etc.) and then binge on them over a weekend.

Once in a while, the wife and I would watch Fox News and we love “Forensic Files,” but other than that, even with access to every cable channel available, including the HBOs and Showtimes, we almost exclusively watched streaming and our own home video collection.

Here’s the kicker…

My cable bill was upwards of $150 a month, and all those shows we DVR eventually show up on either Amazon or Netflix. In other words, were it not for my work needs, I would have been shelling out $150 a month to watch a few shows a few months before I could stream them through a provider charging me just $10 a month.

That’s madness.

So when I quit my job in March, the first thing I did was cancel my cable package.

Not only do I not miss it, it’s actually improved my quality of life. Let’s start with that…

Cable news is a cancer. It is not even news anymore. Whether it’s CNN (which is Hitler), FOX, or MSNBC, there is almost no news. The programming is primarily designed to keep you angry and outraged and self-righteous. Cable news also manufactures an alternate reality that doesn’t exist out here in the real world — it’s a propaganda machine designed to influence opinion-makers and most especially lawmakers. This entire non-troversy over Trump calling a biased Mexican judge a biased Mexican judge is a perfect example. Living in the cable news ecosystem completely skews your perspective away from reality and what actually matters — like jobs and security.

So now you’re thinking about cutting the cord. Here’s the best advice I can give you — which is what I did…

1) Netflix and Amazon run about $10 a month each. This might be the best deal in the history of America. There is so much to watch you’ll never get through it all. Believe me, I’ve tried.

2) I live 90 miles from any serious media outlets. This $35 remote-controlled rotating digital antenna took me 3 hours to install and delivers 15 free channels. If you live in or near a big city you will do even better. Regardless, for free, I receive NBC, CBS, CW, PBS, a weather channel, a 24/7 true crime network (which I love), and two networks devoted to classic television shows and movies.

3) If you are a cable news junkie, buy a Roku for $60. You not only get all the major subscription streaming channels through this (Netflix, Amazon, HBOGO), there are a ton of free networks, including CBSN, which is a 24/7 news channel. It has the same left-wing bias you would expect from CBS, but it is much calmer and far less interested in giving you an aneurysm than its cable counterparts. But if you want to know what’s going on in the world, it’s right there and it’s totally free.

4) Sports fans… Figure out your monthly cable bill and then figure out how much you will save cancelling it and instead buying sports packages.

5) If your favorite TV show show(s) are not on Netflix or Amazon, try Hulu (which is $8 a month) or figure out your monthly cable bill and then figure out how much money you will save purchasing new episodes as they pop up on an Amazon or VUDU within a few days of airing on cable.

If you’re willing to wait a bit, a new season of your favorite show on DVD is much cheaper than even a single month of cable TV; and you can binge, and there are no commercials, and you can keep it forever.

Listen, like any bad habit, the habit of coming home, plopping on the couch and flipping through the cable channels is a hard one to break. For a few weeks, I missed it. But like any bad habit, over time you realize the how profitable it is not to do all that harm to yourself and to your country.

My television bill went from $175 a month to $25 a month (Netflix, Amazon, Acorn), and the one-time cost of a $35 antenna.

Cable television is bad for you, bad for America, is almost all commercials, and with the conversion to high-def you can’t even flip through the channels like you used to because they take all that time to load.

Cable television sucks.

Stop funding the institutional left.

Cut the cord, baby!

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