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Huma Abedin, Pervert Husband Anthony Weiner Call Off Divorce

Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin and her skeevy perv husband Anthony Weiner have reportedly withdrawn their pending divorce case.

The New York Post reports that Abedin was set to appear Wednesday in a Manhattan court for a compliance conference with a judge concerning their divorce. “Instead one of her attorneys submitted paperwork signed by both parties agreeing to end the case, a court source told The Post.”

The judge said the case has been “discontinued.”

Abedin finally filed for the split last May just hours after Weiner pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor. She had stood by the much-mocked former congressman since 2011, when, a year into their marriage, he tearfully admitted Tweeting out an underwear selfie.

The disgraced pol is serving nearly two years of hard time in a Massachusetts federal lockup. Lawyers for both sides did not immediately return requests for comment.

But that may not mean the two are back together (well, after Weiner gets out of jail). The court source said the filing means that either the estranged couple will stay married or negotiate their split privately.

Abedin filed for divorce on May 19, 2016, the same day Weiner pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor. Abedin brought an anonymous versus anonymous action in Manhattan Supreme Court, according to The Post.

Weiner’s fall from grace was spectacular. In 2011, he sent out an explicit photo of Weiner Jr. on Twitter — he meant to send a direct message but instead posted it on his page for the world to see. He quickly deleted it, then claimed to have been hacked, but he was forced to resign after admitting that he had carried on sexual online relationships with half a dozen women.

Weiner ran for mayor of New York City in 2013, but was once again caught texting women his tiny Weiner, this time under the online moniker “Carlos Danger.” And just as Hillary was battling Donald Trump in what was then a tight race, thousands of messages on Weiner’s laptop prompted then-FBI Director James Comey to announce an investigation into Clinton’s email practices — which Clinton and others claim cost her the election.

Abedin, meanwhile, remains snared in a burgeoning Congressional investigation over the Clinton email scandal. New reports say she backed up copies of her emails with Clinton onto her husband’s laptop, contrary to what she told the FBI and other officials investigating the email scandal.

But Abedin told the FBI that she “lost most of her old emails as a result of the transition” from the State Department.

“She had only accessed through a web portal and did not have a method for archiving her old emails prior to the transition,” according to notes taken during an FBI interview with Abedin on April 5, 2016.

Abedin compounded that statement in June 2016 by telling lawyers from a watchdog group under oath that she didn’t back up emails.

“With respect to those State Department work-related emails on the accounts, what did you do, if anything, to preserve those emails?” asked an attorney with Judicial Watch, according to a transcript of the deposition.

Abedin said she “did not do anything to preserve those emails.”

Actor James Woods offered up a good theory about why the two might not get divorced.

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