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HuffPo Publishes ‘Goy, Bye’ Headline After Bannon Ouster

After news broke of Steve Bannon’s White House ouster, Huffington Post published a rather odd header on their website:

For those who may be unaware, the word “goy” comes from the Bible. In Hebrew, “goy” simply means “nation.” The word is used approximately 558 times in the Old Testament. Additionally, as writes, “goy” is “a term used by a Jew to refer to someone who is not Jewish.”

There is a modicum of controversy attached to the word, as it can also be used as a pejorative, implying “a contempt for non-Jews as being different from or even inferior to Jews,” according to

The reaction to HuffPo’s headline was mixed. Some didn’t seem to care, and even liked it:

Others took exception:

The Daily Wire’s own Aaron Bandler may have hit the nail on the head when he tweeted: “If even Keith Olbermann is going after you, then you really messed up, @HuffPost.”

Shortly after the troubles, the header changed to “White Flight.”

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… still not great.

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