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Huffington Post Columnist: Trump Supporters ‘Deserve To Die’

In a now deleted Huffington Post article, Chris Cali said that Trump supporters deserve to die “more than he does.” He premised this article off President Donald Trump’s decision to drop a “Mother of All Bombs” on Islamic State terrorists in Afghanistan and that the world might now be on the verge of a major war with North Korea. Cali contemplated whether his parka will “be enough for this nuclear winter, or should I buy a new pair of long johns.” He argued that if nuclear war comes to the United States, it will not come toward middle America or “Trump country,” but rather the major liberal metropolises of New York and Los Angeles.

Thus, Cali argues that the ones who “deserve to get nuked” are the ones who voted for President Trump, whom he says is responsible for putting the United States on the “verge” of nuclear war. He ends his article as follows:

[Trump voters] are the people who should be filling the front lines of whatever war Trump wants to start so he and his billionaire buddies can profit off weapons manufacturing and oil contracts. These are the people who deserve to have their towns annihilated. These people are who actually deserve to die in a war that they’ll line up to support. Not my ass. I have a lot to live for. They’ve already decided that they don’t.

The fact that Huffington Post editors allowed this article to be published caused plenty of concern among the journalistic community.

Huffington Post editors deleted the blog post once the Washington Free Beacon exposed it. Alex Griswold’s tweet got the following response from Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Lydia Polgreen:

Griswold did not buy it.


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