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How Many US Immigrants Are Illegal? The Numbers Will Stun You.

According to a new study published on Thursday by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center, an estimated 11.1 million illegal immigrants reside in the United States, making up about 3.5 percent of our total population. The study also looked at where the illegals tend to live, finding metropolitan and typically Democrat-run cities to be the hotspots.

Pew found a whopping 2.5 million illegals residing in the densely populated cities of Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. In total, about 62 percent of all illegal immigrants are living across just 20 metropolitan areas, many of which have “sanctuary” polices implemented to protect illegals from deportation, even if they perpetrate crimes.

As noted by Fox News, when looking at immigrant communities nationwide, a stunning 26 percent were found to be lacking legal status. Some communities, like those in Phoenix, Houston, Dallas and Denver, found an even higher percentage of illegals: 37 percent.

According to the study, in San Francisco, about 17 percent of all immigrants were found to be undocumented, and in the surrounding Las Vegas area, about 35 percent were illegal.

President Donald Trump has talked tough about immigration since the moment he officially threw his hat in the ring for the 2016 presidential race. Such rhetoric and promises to deport illegals have shaken immigrant communities where illegals reside.

“They’re worried about uncle this, and cousin that,” said Santa Ana, California city manager Gerardo Mouet. “If you understand Mexican immigrant families, of course that is the reality.”

Santa Ana recently adopted “sanctuary” polices.

“In Phoenix, immigrants are already starting to see tougher enforcement,” notes Fox News. “A woman in the country illegally who was not targeted for deportation under the Obama administration was taken into custody Wednesday and sent back to Mexico, prompting protests at a local Immigration and Customs Enforcement office and seven arrests made by police.”

President Trump promised to deport those here illegally, but with pressures mounting from illegal immigrant-rich communities, only time will tell how such promised policies will pan out.