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How Many Married Women Oppose Trump? The Number Is AMAZING.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Despite Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s incessant claim that he “loves” women (and “the blacks,” “the Hispanics,” “the Evangelicals,” etc.), married women hate Trump—like, almost all of them.

According to a new Bloomberg Politics/Purple Strategies poll, nearly three-quarters of married women have an unfavorable view of Trump—which is typically a Republican-friendly demographic.

Trump, who has struggled with the female demographic in particular, gets annihilated with married women: 70 percent of those surveyed viewed Trump unfavorably, with only 27 viewing him favorably. Three percent remained unsure.

Both Republican rival Senator Ted Cruz and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton have a 58 percent unfavorable rating with married women, an excessive amount but still not as bad as Trump.

This crucial demographic could set Republicans up for a loss, explained Purple Strategies pollster Doug Usher. “Trump cannot win unless these numbers change,” he said.

According to Usher, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney won the demographic back in 2012. Comparing Trump’s current numbers to that of Hillary’s ratings with unmarried women would give the Democrats a 19-point swing in their favor.

Bloomberg Politics notes, “Women, particularly single women, tend to vote Democratic, but the married women subset has leaned more Republican. In the 2012 election, married women preferred Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama 53 percent to 46 percent, and since 1996 Republican presidential candidates have won the married women vote, according to Gallup.”

Overall, Trump has the highest unfavorables in the election, with a whopping 64 percent according to Real Clear Politics polling. Hillary polls at 54 percent.

But do not fear! Trump will “broaden the base,” calm the storms and heal the sick, just like Barack Obama did. Oh, wait…

The poll surveyed 603 married females who are likely to vote in the general election from April 5-10 online, and has a four-point plus or minus margin of error.

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