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How Many FBI Agents Are Investigating Hillary’s Email Scandal? The Number Will Shock You

By  Aaron Bandler

Amidst the hoopla of the primary race is the giant elephant in the room that is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The number of FBI agents investigating the matter is stunningly high.

Buried within a lengthy Washington Post piece providing a timeline on the scandal is the massive number of FBI agents investigating Clinton:

One hundred forty-seven FBI agents have been deployed to run down leads, according to a lawmaker briefed by FBI Director James B. Comey. The FBI has accelerated the investigation because officials want to avoid the possibility of announcing any action too close to the election.

One hundred forty-seven FBI agents are investigating Clinton, which certainly suggests that the FBI is seriously looking into the issue and considers it to be of the utmost importance.

To recap, the email scandal involves Clinton using her private Blackberry and personal, unapproved, unsecured email server to conduct her business as Secretary of State. Clinton and her aides stripped the classified label off of her emails to forward it to her private server. Over 1,340 classified emails housed on her server have been discovered, some of which were highly sensitive information that included the names of CIA operatives and details on North Korea’s nuclear program. Because her server was unsecured, it is likely that the classified information was exposed to the country’s enemies. It is crystal clear that Clinton is in violation of the Espionage Act.

It appears the FBI investigation will be coming to a close soon, as prosecutors will be interviewing Clinton’s close aides and plan on interviewing Clinton herself.

“The interviews are critical to understand the volume of information they have accumulated,” James McJunkin, former head of the FBI’s Washington field office, told The Los Angeles Times. “They are likely nearing the end of the investigation and the agents need to interview these people to put the information in context. They will then spend time aligning these statements with other information, emails, classified documents, etc., to determine whether there is a prosecutable case.”

Whether or not Clinton is indicted by Obama’s politicized Justice Department, the email scandal will continue to be an albatross around her neck as the election unfolds.

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