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How Many Clinton Associates Have Died Over The Years? A Lot.

Conspiracy theories are swirling that the Clintons were involved in the murder of Seth Rich, a former Democratic National Committee staffer, ever since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suggested that Rich was the source behind the leaks of the Democratic National Committee emails.

Rich was murdered on July 10, and Assange has declared that a $20,000 reward would be given to whomever discovered Rich’s murderer. Naturally this lead to conspiracy theories that the Clintons were involved in Rich’s murder, and Rich’s family slammed such conspiracy theories as attempts “to politicize this horrible tragedy, and in their attempts to do so, are actually causing more harm than good and impeding on the ability for law enforcement to properly do their job.” While the circumstances surrounding Rich’s death are murky, the evidence so far points to a robbery gone wrong and likely nothing to do with the Clintons.

For years, there have been a lot of Clinton associates that have died and given rise to conspiracy theories that they were murdered by the Clintons. These theories have been constantly disproved by evidence.

Here is a list of Clinton associates that have passed away.

Vince Foster

As The Daily Wire has reported here and here, Foster was a longtime Clinton ally and former deputy White House counsel who suffered from anxiety and depression. Between that and the stress of attempting to cover up for the Clintons in Travelgate and Hillary Clinton humiliating him with a number of people watching, Foster snapped and committed suicide. While conspiracy theorists have claimed he was murdered, three separate investigations have confirmed that it was a suicide and the events leading up to Foster’s clearly show that it was a suicide.

Ron Brown and Charles Meissner

Brown, the Commerce Secretary during Bill Clinton’s first-term as president, and Meisser, a former assistant international trade secretary, died in a plane crash headed for Croatia. Brown was under federal investigation for his “financial affairs” at the time and Meissner had plead “guilty to federal conspiracy charges for violating campaign finance laws.”

As usual, there were conspiracy theories alleging that their deaths were the result of a murder, but the evidence is clear that it was due to the crash caused by a pilot’s mistake.

There is also this hilarious video of Clinton pretending to tear up at Brown’s funeral:

Paul Tully

The former political director Democratic National Committee, Tully worked for Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. He died of a heart attack.

Mary Mahoney

Mahoney, a former White House intern under Clinton, was murdered during a robbery at a Starbucks.

Jim McDougal

McDougal, a former longtime Clinton ally who went to prison as part of the Whitewater scandal, died of a heart attack in 1998.

Paula Grober

Grober served as “Clinton’s interpreter for the deaf,” according to the Daily Mail, and died in a car accident.

Victor Raiser

Raiser was a co-chairman on Clinton’s 1992 financial committee. He died in a plane crash.

Jerry Parks

Parks was in charge of security at Clinton’s headquarters in Arkansas. He was murdered by a man with a 9mm pistol. Snopes went through the conspiracy theory that the Clintons murdered him and debunked it:

Parks’ son, Gary, asserted in Circle of Power and The Clinton Chronicles (both video products of Linda Thompson’s American Justice Federation) that his father collected a secret file of Clinton’s indiscretions, and that his father was using the file to try to blackmail the Clinton campaign. (He also claimed that Vince Foster knew of the file’s existence.) Despite these allegations, the younger Parks never produced the mysterious file, and Clyde Steelman, a homicide sergeant with the Little Rock police force, dismissed Gary Parks’ theories of his father’s death as “unsubstantiated, nothing to grasp.” A far more likely suspect in the murder was Jerry Parks’ former partner, with whom Parks had quarreled bitterly.

Herschel Friday

Friday, who was on Clinton’s campaign finance committee, died in a plane crash when the pilot tried to land the plane in a private airfield that wasn’t well-lit.

Stanley Heard

Heard was a chiropractor to the Clinton family who was in briefings on “Hillarycare” the day he died in a plane crash. The crash was due to the fact that the plane was in poor condition.

Barbara Wise

Wise, a former Commerce Department employee, was found dead from natural causes, since she reportedly dealt with serious health problems.

Lists of names were provided by the UK Daily Mail and

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