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How Hardcore Is The Democratic Party On Abortion? The DNC Just Made It Painfully Clear.

Since being elected as chairman of the scandal-plagued Democratic National Committee in late February, Tom Perez has frequented headlines for all the wrong reasons, namely making clear exactly how far left the Democratic Party has veered. On Friday Perez made news again by spelling out where the party stood on abortion: If a Democratic candidate wants the DNC’s support, he said, being pro-abortion is “not negotiable.”

After initially signaling that there was room for pro-life Democrats, Perez made clear in a statement on Friday that the party under his leadership would no longer tolerate anyone who did not hold the orthodox “pro-choice” position. The pro-abortion left is of course cheering Perez’s declaration as a major victory for the euphemistically named “reproductive rights movement.”

In response to a debate over Democratic mayorial candidate Heath Mello’s long-time pro-life position, Perez initially said that the DNC needs to be focused on supporting Democrats who have a strong chance of winning against the anti-women Republicans, rather than weeding out pro-lifers from their ranks.

“Our job at the DNC is to help Democrats who have garnered support from voters in their community cross the finish line and win ― from school board to Senate,” said Perez in response to the Mello debate. “The biggest threat to women’s reproductive rights is the relentless Republican attacks on women’s health care, including legal, accessible abortion services. And I won’t let anyone get in the way of our fight to protect a woman’s right to choose.”

But after outrage from his strongly pro-abortion Democratic colleagues and fellow leftists, Perez squashed any notion that the DNC would support anyone who wants to defend the lives of the unborn, issuing the following, unequivocal response:

Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health. That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state. At a time when women’s rights are under assault from the White House, the Republican Congress, and in states across the country, we must speak up for this principle as loudly as ever and with one voice.

The adamantly pro-abortion NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue, who had decried the DNC’s initial support of Mello, cheered the DNC chair’s new position, referencing abortion as one of the “core values” of the party.

“Kudos to Chair Tom Perez and the DNC for recognizing that we are a stronger party when we stand for our core values,” Hogue said in a statement to The Huffington Post.

But not all Democrats are as thrilled about Perez openly admitting just how anti-life the party has become, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who was clearly incensed at having to field questions on the party’s pro-abortion purity. Asked on Sunday by NBC News host Chuck Todd about Perez’s statement, Pelosi curtly replied, “Why don’t you interview Tom Perez? You’re interviewing me.” She went on to say that “of course” the Democratic Party should allow for candidates who are not as staunchly pro-abortion as she is. Sen. Bernie Sanders is also presumably unhappy with Perez’s puritanical stance, as he came out in support of Mello last week.

The truth is, Republicans and conservatives should be thanking the Democrats for electing Perez because the more transparent the leadership of the party, the more the American people will see just how radical the Democratic Party has become.

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