House Republicans’ ‘Blueprint To Save America’ Would Balance Budget In 7 Years, Cut $3.9 Trillion In Taxes
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Conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives have proposed an alternative budget proposal for fiscal year 2023 that would balance the federal budget within seven years.

The proposed budget, dubbed the “Blueprint to Save America,” was written by the Budget and Spending Task Force, an arm of the conservative Republican Study Committee. The proposal would balance the federal budget by cutting spending and regulatory bloat, cut spending by $16.6 trillion over 10 years, and cut taxes by $3.9 trillion over that same period.

“Since taking office, President Biden and his liberal allies in Congress have brought our county closer than ever to a full-scale debt crisis,” members of the RSC said in a letter prefacing the proposal. “The so-called American Rescue Plan amounted to little more than a $2 trillion pay-off to liberal special interests, fueling inflation and crushing working-class Americans. Even though our national debt now stands at $30.4 trillion, the radical liberals running the White House and in Congress continue to push their far-left Build Back Broke agenda, which would spend another $5 trillion. As is always the case, working-class Americans will foot the bill.”

“Even before passage of the American Rescue Plan, balancing the federal budget was set to be a herculean task,” the Committee continued, slamming the Biden Administration for passing “the most expensive budget request in history.” The Committee said that the budget proposal, which would keep the federal budget deficits at levels above $1 trillion for years, “shows that Democrats have no plan to prevent the world’s largest economy from collapsing under the weight of its unsustainable and accelerating debt.”

“Fortunately for America, producing an alternative budget is the Republican Study Committee’s signature issue,” the RSC continued, noting that the Budget and Spending Task Force produces an annual proposal to provide a roadmap toward fiscal security while lowering taxes. The RSC also slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Democratic-controlled House for favoring far-Left interests, ignoring the debt crisis, and refusing to pass a budget.

The 122-page budget proposal covers a broad variety of conservative priorities. Here is a list of just some of the policy objectives it includes:

  • drastically reform American regulatory structures, increasing transparency.
  • reinstate and build on former President Trump’s Executive Order requiring two regulations to be cut for every new regulation enacted.
  • allowing for Congressional review of regulations.
  • unleash American energy production by forcing the Executive Branch to conduct oil and gas lease sales and expedite the permitting process.
  • remove regulatory barriers to nuclear power.
  • authorize the Keystone XL pipeline and all necessary infrastructure.
  • opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the Gulf of Mexico to new drilling.
  • reform occupational licensing.
  • overhaul the tax code.
  • reform entitlement programs to favor families and establishing work requirements with the goal of moving people off government assistance.
  • combating fraud in social safety net programs.
  • declare that life begins at conception.
  • ban abortions after a heartbeat is detected.
  • creating a federal Parents’ Bill of Rights.
  • discouraging Critical Race Theory being taught in schools and prohibiting CRT to be taught in federal agencies, schools receiving federal funds, and the military.
  • protecting women’s rights in girls’ and women’s sports.
  • finish the border wall.
  • reducing health care regulations.
  • reforming Medicare and Social Security.

The Biden administration’s $5.8 trillion budget proposal, released in March, has been slammed by Republicans since it was unveiled. In unveiling his proposal, Biden touted the claim that budget deficits would be reduced by $1.3 trillion, a claim he has repeated since, despite the fact that much of that deficit reduction is due to COVID-related funds being disbursed.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget also notes that while deficits will be cut in the short-term, deficits will only increase in the long-term.

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