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Homeowner Hears ‘Suspicious Noises.’ It Turns Out To Be A Literal Cat Burglar.

By  Ashe Schow
Police in Florida responding to "suspicious noises" discovered a cat was the culprit.
Collier County Sheriff’s Office

Add “Florida Cat” to the list of hilarious Sunshine State headlines. Police in Collier County, Florida, responded to call from a homeowner who had heard “suspicious noises” in their home. Fox News reported that when police arrived, they discovered the source of the noise — a cat; street name, “Bones.”

A paw-sitive identification was made using Bones’ micro-chip. He was “detained” by police and remanded to his human. The police who responded to the call posted about the incident on Facebook.

“Last night Sgt. Sudano, Cpl. Caceres, Cpl. Nova and Cpl. Henderson responded to a residence on 60th Avenue N.E. in reference to a suspicious incident that was possibly a burglary in progress,” the Collier County Sheriff’s Office said in the post. “Upon arrival it was discovered that a small feline was the culprit behind the disturbing sounds that prompted the call. The ‘cat burglar’ was quickly detained and turned over to Collier County Domestic Animal Services for safekeeping and fur-ther questioning.”

Police later updated the post to say: “Great news! Our cat burglar was micro-chipped. He has been identified as Bones and our partners at D.A.S. are in the process of contacting his owner!”

A photo of Bones in the back of a squad car accompanied the post.

At this time, Bones has not been charged with any felineys and has hopefully learned his lesson.

Bones is not the only feline to run into trouble with the law. In April, The Daily Wire reported that Miska, a 10-year-old brown tabby had been fined thousands of dollars after neighbors complained about her behavior. Miska’s human, Anna Danieli, was ordered to pay the fines after Miska was accused of “trespassing” and being a “vicious animal at large.” At least 30 complaints had been lodged against Miska, prompting Danieli to file a lawsuit against the four prosecutors allegedly assigned to her case.

At one point, Miska was even sent to “kitty jail” and ordered to be euthanized. Thankfully, it has not come to that, and Danieli paid her “bail” — kenneling fees for her stint in an animal control facility. Danieli said Miska’s troubles are due to a former Regional Animal Services of King County manager who lived in her neighborhood.

“…. of the approximately 20,000 infractions filed by RASKC over a ten-year period, approximately 50 involved cats, and most of these infractions involved Miska,” Danieli’s lawsuit states.

Danieli claims that the RASKC manager encouraged neighbors to report complaints against Miska.

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