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Home Depot Co-Founder Asks Democrats To Put Politics Aside And Think About ‘Lifting Up The Lives Of The American People’

On Saturday, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus appeared on Fox News. During his segment with host Neil Cavuto, Marcus slammed the Democratic politicians who opposed the GOP tax bill:

You wanna talk about somebody who is off the charts, that doesn’t understand reality, that’s your last guest, it’s Schumer and Pelosi. $1,000 is so meaningful — and I’ll give you an example, Neil. I spent my life on the floor of the stores at Home Depot. That’s what I did. Almost every week of my life, I was in stores all over the United States, and I talked to customers, and I talked to employees. And I can tell you that $1,000 is more than meaningful — it could be paying the mortgage; it could be paying for a car repair; it could be paying for a past-due bill. These are things that the Pelosi/Schumer group don’t have a clue about. That’s why they lost the election. It’s as simple as that.

Marcus lambasted politicians who repeatedly refer to the bonuses being handed out by companies following the passage of the tax bill as “crumbs,” adding that while we hear about all the large companies like Home Depot and Google, what matters even more are “the 30 million small businesses in America.”

The Home Depot co-founder then recounted to Cavuto his conversations with two small business owners who planned on hiring more workers, noting that what may appear minor becomes something major when “you start adding that up to millions of businesses.”

In the end, Marcus called on Democrats to think about what’s best for the American people rather than what’s politically expedient:

I just don’t get their thinking. You know, what’s good for America, Neil? What’s good for the American people? Let’s stop thinking about politics. Is this good for the Democratic Party? Does this mean we can take the presidency? I mean, let’s start thinking in terms of really lifting up the lives of the American people, creating more jobs, taking more people off of food stamps — I mean, that’s what it’s all about.

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