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Hollywood Celebs Produce Yet ANOTHER Anti-Trump Video, Pretend to Revere Constitution

At a rate of about one per week, various Hollywood celebrities (read: basically all of them) have gotten together to produce condescending, generally badly produced PSA’s decrying Donald Trump, while, of course, virtue signaling and claiming political and legal understanding that they clearly don’t have. In the most recent installment, produced by Funny or Die, a bunch of actors, including Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon and that girl from Divergent, pull out all of the stops and try to act like they’ve actually read and revere the Constitution.

In the unsurprisingly not funny skit, “The Alternative Constitution,” the actors inform viewers that rather than Trump being just an ignorant, angry, xenophobic, Islamophobic, Hitlerian “idiot,” he’s just accidentally been “working from the wrong Constitution.” During their lecture, they claim to value the protection of religious freedom and suggest that Trump’s order to block immigrants from seven terror-risk countries (the same one’s the Obama administration singled out) is somehow religious persecution because they are Muslim-majority. How that could be when the order does not block scores of other Muslim-majority countries remains unclear.

“He’s working from the wrong Constitution and he doesn’t even know it,” says model-slash-actress Cara Delevingne, who is charmingly wearing a “My P*ssy My Choice” shirt.

The insufferable condescension and virtue signaling only increases as the skit continues, culminating in a series of personal attacks at “idiot” Trump.

Along with the “Alternative Constitution,” the celebs also say that Trump doesn’t realize that he’s been looking at the wrong Statue of Liberty, one sent by the Russians located in Queens, that says we should take all the “huddled masses” and lock them in rooms, or something.

But of all the cameos (which consist mostly of B-listers for this skit), none is more obnoxious than Sarandon, who gets to say a line about “dark magic” protecting Trump’s “Alternative Constitution.” She also is given a chance to repeat Trump’s command to “FEAR OUTSIDERS.”

The celebs end by pleading with those around Trump to please hand him the actual Constitution and our other founding documents.

One of the many positive developments so far with the Trump presidency is the sudden interest among the Left in the Constitution, the concept of checks and balances, and religious freedom. The other, of course, is the thing that Hollywood celebs are producing that, unlike the embarrassingly desperate PSA videos, are actually entertaining: their seemingly endless fits of hysteria that reveal how out of touch most of them have become. Hollywood needs to learn from one of its greats, The Dude, and give the new administration “a little space.”