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Hollywood Actress Strays: No, There Should Not Be A Female James Bond

Most Hollywood stars are salivating at the thought of a female James Bond sliding into the spotlight after actor Daniel Craig plays the womanizing character for one last time in “Bond 25.”

But not all actresses are on board for a female 007. Speaking to Uproxx, “Gone Girl” star Rosamund Pike veered from the uncreative feminist train of thought that women must remake every film in existence with a male lead and stated the obvious: the iconic James Bond character is entirely masculine and, besides, women shouldn’t get “sloppy seconds,” but create their own badass characters instead.

“I’d just say write a new story,” said Pike. “James Bond is a character that Ian Fleming created. Of course the brand has become bigger and whatever, but take one of the Bond Girls and give her her own story. I think the character of James Bond is a man. He is really.”

“To have such a character in a completely independent series, why should a woman get sort of sloppy seconds?” she asked. “Why should she have once been a man and now it has to be played by a woman? Why not make a kick-ass female agent in her own right?”

Pike said that simply swapping in a female to play such an iconically male role would be to “underestimate a woman entirely.”

“There’s nothing really about the James Bond character as written by Ian Fleming that resembles a woman,” she added. “It’s a very masculine creation. So sure, make an unexpected, unapologetic, kick-ass, amazing female agent and yes, I’ll play her.”

Rachel Weisz was another Hollywood actress to buck the feminist narrative with a similar line of thinking as Pike’s. “Why not create your own story rather than jumping on to the shoulders and being compared to all those other male predecessors?” she asked in an interview with The Telegraph in February.

“Weisz also noted that Bond’s masculinity and the way he treats women is integral to the character, a component that would be lost if film were to switch the character’s gender,” notes Indie Wire.

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