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Pro-Israel Muslim: ISIS is Islamic

Naveed Anjum, a seemingly ordinary Muslim from Pakistan, first began his surprising journey as a pro-Israel advocate during a study abroad mission in Europe. Despite being raised to despise Jews and the State of Israel, Anjum learned while meeting Jews that not only were they a peaceful people, they were the rightful owners of the State of Israel, and the Quran verifies it.

But coming out as a pro-Israel Muslim in Pakistan was far from simple. After severe persecution, including death threats, by his fellow countrymen for his views, Anjum fled to Cambodia, where he now runs his Zionist media organization, Israel The Legitimate State, and several other social media pages.

In an interview with The Daily Wire, Anjum reveals his experiences as a pro-Israel Muslim in Pakistan and his thoughts on the Islamic State.

DW: What is your situation as a pro-Israel Muslim?

Anjum: I had the worst situation as a pro-Israel Muslim in Pakistan. I decided to educate people regarding the legitimacy of the Jewish state. I managed to get some people to understand but a majority turned against me. They started to share my pictures on Israeli flag in different social media group of Pakistan and declared me a Mossad spy and started giving calls for my death. Posters with my pictures were fixed on my house and my neighborhoods in which they called for my death. The posters were allegedly fixed by the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan. I was so depressed that I was forced to flee to Cambodia at the first chance, as Cambodia is on arrival for Pakistani Passports. Here I feel a bit safer and better.

DW: What has your country done generally to crack down on those who are pro-Israel?

Anjum: I observed no special movement by the Government to crack down on pro Israel people because there are no pro Israel people in Pakistan. If they are by chance, they do not show it. However, as it is mentioned on our Pakistani passports, that it is valid for all the countries of the World except Israel, of course our Government is anti Israel. Many cases are here when Police arrested a person declaring him an Israeli spy. For example, if I had gone to the Police [to report] that I had life threats because of supporting Israel, the Police would have detained me or even handed me over to Army intelligence for further investigations. They suspect every person to be an Israeli spy who happens to have Pro Israel views. This is a general trend in Pakistan. General Pervaiz Musharraf, the President of Pakistan 1999-2008, was a liberal Muslim and believed in freedom of speech. However once he hinted that Pakistan was going to accept Israel, all the religious parties turned against him and he had to clarify his statement that he did not mean to accept Israel. So you can assume that is the situation of Pakistan when it comes to Israel thing. Even India fought 3 wars with Pakistan and Pakistan has eternal enmity with India; however, still a Pakistan passport is valid for India and both countries exchange diplomatic relations. However [there is] no relation with Israel. In Pakistan, if you keep any kind of contact with anyone in Israel through any media, it is considered to be a crime here.

DW: Is ISIS Islamic?

Anjum: Honestly, if we research the Islamic history in detail, we would come to know that ISIS is Islamic. They are doing what Muslims did 1400 years ago with the advent of Islam. ISIS is following Islam with its fundamentals. However moderate Muslims only follow peaceful aspects of Islam. Whoever says ISIS is not Islamic, they are trying to defend Islam. If you research the Quran and Hadith, and especially if you research what happened with Jewish tribes in Madina at the advent of Islam, you would come to the conclusion that ISIS’ actions are perfect[ly] Islamic. With the advent and propagation of Islam, Jews or Christians were attacked and their properties were confiscated and women were enslaved for sexual use and then sold. This is what happening today where ISIS rules.

DW: Can Islam be compatible with democracy and freedom?

Anjum: Of course not. There is no democratic system in Islam. According to Islamic Sharia rule, only some people are entitled to choose Ameer ul Momineen. As it happened in cases of 4 Caliphs which are called Khulfa e Rashideen.

DW: How did you become pro-Israel?

Anjum: It happened when I first traveled to Amsterdam for study purpose[s], where I met some Jewish people and I came to know about them for the first time. They treated me gently and friendly and that was my first experience that Jews were not bad people as we were taught in Pakistan. Having good experiences with Jewish people in Amsterdam, I came back to Pakistan and conducted thorough research on the Arab Israel conflict, history of Islam and Judaism, everything. I came to know that the land of Israel rightfully belongs to Jewish people and Jews has suffered much grief at the hands of Muslims in the past. I decided to go public and wanted to educate general masses about it so that hatred against Jews should come to an end and Pakistan would recognize Israel as they recognize every other country of the World.