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Historic Photos of Pearl Harbor Attack

On Thursday, December 7, to commemorate the anniversary of the Japanese bombing at Pearl Harbor, the United States Navy superimposed old photos from the day of the attack over modern-day Hawaii.

The images show the simplicity of a 2017 parking lot near the harbor with modern-day cars sitting there, but images from the 1941 attack within the harbor and the historic explosions and smoke behind the current scene.

The Pearl Harbor Attack began around 8 a.m. on December 7, 1941.

President Trump and First Lady Melania visited the Arizona Memorial during a November visit to the island of Oahu. On Thursday, the president signed a proclamation commemorating Pearl Harbor Day.

Some in the mainstream media are attacking the president for his tweet misquoting FDR’s famous “Pearl Harbor Speech” in which within an hour of talking to a joint session of Congress about the attack on Pearl Harbor, Congress voted to officially declare war. The First Lady also tweeted the wrong date when referring to the Pearl Harbor attack.

Some of the images the Navy released show soldiers on Ford Island, directly next to the USS Arizona Memorial, watching for planes. Another image shows men swimming to shore and the USS California and USS Arizona burning after the Japanese attack. It’s incredible and eerie to look at these historic images showing the attack that kicked off the United State’s war against Japan and that show the real-time reaction of America’s soldiers and sailors who lived through the historic event.

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Incredibly many of the original structures on Ford Island, though some were severely damaged, still stand today, such as one air traffic control tower that currently serves as a library. Ford Island is also the current home of the USS Missouri where, four years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, WWII finally came to an end when the Japanese signed their final surrender in Tokyo Bay.

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