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Hillary’s State Department Moves to Save Her on Benghazi

By  Ben Shapiro

The State Department of the United States has become a wing of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

It always was, of course. But now, with Hillary Clinton about to face down the scrutiny of Republicans on the House Select Committee on Benghazi, the State Department has stepped in to save her. The rap on Hillary has always been that her non-transparency has prevented the American people from knowing the full truth about her actions as her staff died under fire in Libya, as well as in the run-up to the September 11, 2012 attacks. Now, her former colleagues at the State Department made a special delivery to the Benghazi committee: 1,300 pages of emails from murdered Ambassador Chris Stephens.

Republicans have consistently complained that the State Department had played blocking guard for Hillary. Now that case has been confirmed. In the last two weeks, giving Republicans virtually no notice, State dumped 900 pages of Libya emails from Clinton on the committee, plus the new 1,300 page batch. Alec Gerlach, spokesman for the State Department, said, “In response to a recently prioritized request from the Committee, the Department has provided additional emails from Ambassador Stevens’ account.”

It has taken over a year for State to hand over just these emails – the critical emails at issue. And now State wants to stop Republicans from releasing the emails: the State Department has said that the documents aren’t “appropriate for public release.” This puts Republicans in the awkward position of supposedly risking national security in order to make the public aware of Hillary’s malfeasance.

By the time Republicans read the emails, Hillary’s hearing will be upon them. And she’s fully prepared for battle, seeking to turn the questioning on the questioners as she did with her infamous “What difference, at this point, does it make?” diatribe three years ago. David Brock, her Cameron-Diaz-in­-There’s-Something-About-Mary-coiffed troll, will try to issue her talking points before the hearing. Thirty staffers from Correct the Record PAC will hang out on Capitol Hill during the hearing, making a mockery of the supposed rules about coordination between super PACs and campaigns.

Hillary’s case will be simple: we have to put diplomats in dangerous areas. No one argues against this, however. Her opponents simply argue that it was her job to protect those diplomats. Nonetheless, she will pretend that she is an Iron Lady, says Politico – an Iron Lady who left her friend to die in Benghazi, then blamed a YouTube video.

The State Department was never supposed to be a political institution. But the preservation of its former head has become its chief mandate. And Hillary will use that mandate in order to punch Republicans from behind the wall of obfuscation set up by her old friends.

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