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Hillary’s Female Surrogates Get SMACKED For Their Sexism

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo
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On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that an unnamed source confirmed that Deb Goldberg, the state treasurer from Massachusetts and Clinton surrogate, suggested that two iconic feminists, the first female secretary of state Madeline Albright and feminists activist Gloria Steinem, be “kept away” from Hillary Clinton’s campaign in light of their sexist remarks in recent days.

Both Albright, 78, and Steinem, 81, who are also Clinton surrogates, took some heat for their sexist jabs at women who don’t support Hillary Clinton’s presidential run.

Albright fell back on one of her famous lines at a Hillary rally, suggesting, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!” This was in reference to women who dare not align with Mrs. Clinton solely because they share the same anatomy. Of course, Hillary let out a maniacal and uncontrollable laugh when Albright uttered such a divisive phrase.

Steinem directly attacked young women who support Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders over Clinton, explaining that this was only the case because “the boys are with Bernie,” and apparently, when you’re a young women that’s all you care about.

Steinem, who dedicated her latest book to her illegal abortionist, almost immediately quasi-retracted her comments, claiming that she “misspoke” and apologized “for what’s been misinterpreted as implying young women aren’t serious in their politics.”

Some feminists came out in defense of Steinman’s original attack, such as a post from liberal magazine Cosmopolitan where “cool” and “guy-approved” were explained to be unquestionably synonymous, thus bringing truth to the remarks about Sanders’ appeal to young women.

But overall, women were not appreciative of the comments from either feminist. For example, the distaste from women arguably manifested itself in the outcome of the New Hampshire primary where 74-year-old Sanders not only crushed Hillary in the primary, but won the female demographic by a “landslide.”

Hillary, who has time and again chosen to run on her gender, is seemingly unable to fully rely on the female vote, if New Hampshire is any broader sampling of voting to come. Also, with the meeting between Sanders and race-baiter Al Sharpton taking place on Wednesday, the black vote might not be as locked-up as she once thought. Are we witnessing the unraveling of Hillary in a primary for a second time?

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