Hillary’s Beardy McHipster Ad Is PRECISELY Why Men Can’t Stand Her [UPDATED: The Ad Didn’t Come From Hillary]


UPDATE: This ad was not in fact released by the Hillary Clinton campaign. The campaign denies any connection to the ad. The article has been revised to reflect that fact.

On Thursday, the internet buzzed with apparent news of a Hillary Clinton campaign ad. It looked like this:

Man Enough For Hillary

A stock photo male model smoldering into camera, a tattoo sleeve down his arm, his face bearded nearly as much as Hillary’s marriage, with the caption “I am man enough to vote for a woman…Are you?”

The ad, it turned out, didn’t come from the Hillary campaign. But it made the rounds before being debunked hours later, after several hilarious tweets pointed out that the same male model has starred in rather different advertising:

Hillary’s campaign, like syphilis, is the gift that keeps on giving.

The reason the ad made the rounds, however, is that it would be in line with Hillary’s MO. The Hillary campaign clearly believes that the only reason men won’t vote for her is because they dislike women. But that’s Hillary’s basic flaw: she doesn’t understand why people don’t like her. Men don’t like her because she’s a corrupt harridan, not because she’s a normal lady. Trying to shame men into voting for her by saying they must lack testosterone if they don’t gelds men – precisely the sort of behavior that makes men not want to vote for her. No man looks at Hillary’s attempts to shame “sexist” men into voting for her and thinks, “Yeah, it would make me more of a man to act like John Podesta.”

Donald Trump may have female voter trouble. But Hillary has serious problems with male voters because she doesn’t like men. They’re all boors and sexists to her, unless they follow her slavishly. Perhaps she learned everything she knew about men from her boor, sexist husband. But she seems to project that attitude onto all men.

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