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Hillary’s Asked If She’s A Part of the ‘Establishment.’ Her Response is Perfectly Establishment.

By  James Barrett

Asked point-blank by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer if she considers herself a part of the “establishment,” Hillary Clinton gave a perfectly establishment response: “I just don’t understand what that means.”

The exchange occurred Thursday on CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Blitzer, who asked Clinton for her reaction to some attacks by her increasingly more competitive opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). After the pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood came out in support of Clinton, Sanders took a swipe at the leftist organizations for just falling in line behind the establishment candidate.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) says his campaign is taking on the political establishment, saying your endorsements for example from the Human Rights Campaign, from Planned Parenthood are because you’re part of the establishment,” said Blitzer. “Are you?”

Clinton at first tried to sidestep the question by turning Sanders’ accusation into an attack on Planned Parenthood and HRC, both of which she praised to high heaven.

“Well, I have to say, I didn’t understand that at all,” said Clinton. “Planned Parenthood does so much on the front lines to provide women, and men, healthcare, often low income people, people who don’t have any alternative. And of course, we know that Planned Parenthood has been under attack, constantly, from the Republicans, both in Congress, and in many states. And the Human Rights Campaign has been in the forefront of making sure that LGBT Americans are not discriminated against. They helped to lead the battle for marriage equality.”

“I really don’t understand what he means by that,” she added. “These are two of the really great human rights, progressive organizations in our country. I’ve worked with both of them a long time. I’ve worked to get results for the people that they represent and serve, and I’m proud to have endorsements from both of them.”

Unsatisfied with her response, Blitzer pressed her again, asking, “But are you the establishment?”

“I just don’t understand what that means,” said Clinton. She then tried to turn the “establishment” accusation back on Sanders.

“He’s been in Congress, he’s been elected to office a lot longer than I have,” she said. “I was in the Senate for eight wonderful years, representing New York. He’s been in the Congress for 25. And so, I’ll let your viewers make their own judgment.”

Partial transcript via Breitbart. Image (AP): Hillary Clinton shares the stage with Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards to officially accepts the organization’s endorsement.

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