Hillary Surrogate Hilariously FAILS to Explain Hillary on Sanctuary Cities, Email


On Sunday morning, Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook appeared on CNN, where he promptly melted down. Again. Earlier this week, Mook showed up for Morning Joe on MSNBC, where he demonstrated a complete lack of grasp of his boss’ Syrian policy, leading the hosts to laugh out loud at him. Today, Mook repeated the feat on CNN’s State of the Union.

Jake Tapper asked Mook about Hillary’s emails, particularly an email from an IT operator revealed on Friday in which the operator talked openly about the “Hillary cover-up operation.” Mook answered, “I’m actually glad you answered this question because a lot of this stuff is swirling around here in the ether…the FBI did a comprehensive and deep investigation into this…FBI Director Comey said there was no case here.” Tapper asked, “So what’s the Hillary cover-up operation that the IT operator referred to?” Mook reflexibly referred back to the evil Republicans, accusing them of “leaking documents to make Hillary look bad.”

But that wasn’t Mook’s only messaging fail of the day.

Asked about Hillary’s sanctuary cities policy by Jake Tapper, Mook blubbered, “We do think this is a really important difference between both of the candidates, and Secretary Clinton has released a comprehensive plan for immigration reform…We cannot have a situation where anybody is coming to this country illegally and committing crimes.” Tapper repeated, “I’m not clear though, does she want to end sanctuary cities or not?” Mook said, “I think that’s too narrow a view of this situation. We need comprehensive immigration reform…” Tapper snarked, “I look forward to further clarity on the sanctuary cities issue.”

Mook must be excellent behind the scenes, because as a surrogate, he’s simply awful. A debate between Mook and Katrina Pierson would be the verbal equivalent of two cats attempting to fornicate with a basketball. We know less about Hillary’s policies and activities than before Mook spoke on CNN today.

Which was probably the point. The more we know about Hillary, the less we like her. Mook’s entire job is apparently to act as a barrier of opacity. If he has to play Lenny from Of Mice And Men to do it, he’ll do that, too.

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