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Hillary Surrogate Hilariously FAILS to Explain Hillary on Sanctuary Cities, Email

On Sunday morning, Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook appeared on CNN, where he promptly melted down. Again. Earlier this week, Mook showed up for Morning Joe on MSNBC, where he demonstrated a complete lack of grasp of his boss’ Syrian policy, leading the hosts to laugh out loud at him. Today, Mook repeated the feat on CNN’s State of the Union.

Jake Tapper asked Mook about Hillary’s emails, particularly an email from an IT operator revealed on Friday in which the operator talked openly about the “Hillary cover-up operation.” Mook answered, “I’m actually glad you answered this question because a lot of this stuff is swirling around here in the ether…the FBI did a comprehensive and deep investigation into this…FBI Director Comey said there was no case here.” Tapper asked, “So what’s the Hillary cover-up operation that the IT operator referred to?” Mook reflexibly referred back to the evil Republicans, accusing them of “leaking documents to make Hillary look bad.”

Ben Shapiro
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