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Hillary Clinton Says Blacks ‘All Look Alike,’ Then Laughs As Audience Applauds

After George W. Bush left office, I and former press secretary Dana Perino, now a Fox News host, used to play a little game. It was called, “Can You Imagine If Bush Had … ” and then we’d fill in that last part with whatever outrageous thing a liberal had done — and gotten off scot-free from the news media.

Here’s an example, but inserting the current Republican president for Bush: “President Trump on Sunday said black people ‘all look alike,’ then laughed and laughed as the audience applauded.”

Can you imagine?!

Of course, it wasn’t Trump who did that, but rather Hillary Clinton, a two-time loser in her races for the White House.

The moment came when Recode’s Kara Swisher, sitting down with Clinton for a question-and-answer session, asked her about Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ).

“I adore him,” Clinton said.

“But what do you think of him saying, ‘Kick them in the shins’?” Swisher asked.

But that paraphrase wasn’t about Booker, but rather Eric Holder, who was attorney general under former president Barack Obama. Earlier this month, Holder said of Republicans, “When they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.”

So Clinton corrected Swisher. “Well, that was Eric Holder,” she said.

“Eric Holder, oh, Eric Holder, sorry,” Swisher said.

Then Clinton said: “Yeah, I know they all look alike.” The audience laughed along with Hillary.

Swisher quickly jumped in. “No, they don’t.”

Then she praised Hillary for the remark. “Oh, well done,” she said as the audience laughed and applauded.

Clinton then added that she was “paid by Mark Zuckerberg,” CEO and founder of Facebook, to make the comment.

Now “can you imagine” Trump — or any Republican — saying that and getting a pass from the mainstream media? Of course not.

The most hilarious thing is that Clinton had just delivered a haughty speech before she made the highly inappropriate and racist joke.

“What’s often called political correctness is politeness. It’s respecting the diversity that we have in our society,” she said. “The Democratic Party is a much more diverse political party, attracting people who are African-American, Latino, LGBT … And I don’t think it’s politically correct to say, we value that.

“I don’t want to go around insulting people, painting people with a broad brush,” she said. “That’s childish.”

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