Hillary Clinton Lies About EVERYTHING, Including Her Health


So, Hillary Clinton is not the picture of health we were led to believe.

Yesterday, Hillary essentially collapsed into a van; Secret Service shoveled her into the vehicle like a rather large sack of potatoes, obstructing the cameras, then sped off to an undisclosed location, leaving the close press pool and her shoe behind. They didn’t say where she’d gone for an hour, at which point they revealed that she had gone not to a hospital, but to Chelsea Clinton’s apartment – clearly because going to a hospital would have turned the story into national news.

Hillary emerged an hour later from the apartment, waved stoically to the cameras, then hugged a small child who “somehow” escaped the attention of Secret Service. She got into another van, and sped away to Chappaqua, where she will spend the next few days outside the view of the cameras.

Late yesterday, her doctor announced that her coughing fits from two weeks ago were the result of allergies; she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday; and that she collapsed due to being “overheated” at the 9/11 memorial on Sunday (it was 75 degrees with a breeze). And now, People magazine is suggesting that a virus struck the Clinton campaign, and “at least half a dozen senior staff were felled, including campaign manager Robby Mook…Another top adviser was taken by ambulance to the ER by ambulance after collapsing from what turned out to be severe dehydration, the source said.”

This, of course, raises further questions. Why, for example, was Hillary Clinton running around in public transmitting pneumonia to people, including a small child? When did she go to the doctor on Friday, and why didn’t the press know about it? Why didn’t her campaign just say her pneumonia accounted for her coughing? Did it account for her coughing?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump did the smart thing: he stayed out of the limelight by wishing her the best on her health. Clearly, Kellyanne Conway has Trump on the rails.

Hillary’s collapse is important for three reasons.

First, the press absolutely tried to downplay it and cover it up. If there hadn’t been a random passerby shooting film, is there any doubt that the Hillary campaign would have claimed the incident never happened, and the left media would have spent the rest of the week shouting about conspiracy theories? Even after video emerged, press described her collapse variously as a “stumble,” a “trip,” and a “wobble.” They then spent the afternoon lying about the heat on the ground in New York, suggesting that normal people were collapsing like flies. Then, finally, when the truth emerged, the press spun it as evidence of Hillary’s bravery. Can we believe anything they tell us?

Second, Hillary lies about everything. Everything. If she’d said she had pneumonia weeks ago, all this could have been cleared up. But her first move is always to obstruct. Whether it’s private email servers or the Clinton Foundation or her black lung, Hillary will never tell us the truth – which, naturally, leads to speculation. And we can’t rule that speculation out of hand anymore.

Third, Hillary is actually unhealthy. She’s not fit as a fiddle and ready for love. She looks bad, she looks sick, she acts sick, and she’s hiding from it. That raises questions about how viable she is as president. If we’re going to elect Tim Kaine president, we should know about it in advance.

Everyone hopes Hillary’s okay healthwise. But that doesn’t answer any of these questions. And until Hillary does answer those questions, it’s going to be difficult to tamp down speculation about her health and anger at her dishonesty.

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