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Hillary Campaign Releases Photo Celebrating Her Nomination. There Was Only One Problem.

The Hillary Clinton campaign tweeted a photo yesterday to celebrate her nomination. The photo showed a Muslim woman emotionally wiping away tears as people around her cheered accompanied with the byline, “We made history.” It looked magical.

Except there was one problem. The woman in the photo, Nida Allam, was a devastated Bernie Sanders supporter.

Allam was at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia with a group of Bernie supporters who, like her, support the endless raid of Palestinian terror attacks on innocent tourists and civilians living in Israel. Allam and her crew showed up to the DNC hall proudly donning Palestinian flags and Bernie banners with demands for open United States borders. She complained that the Clinton campaign had misconstrued “my raw emotions as support for her when it is truly the emotions of a year’s worth of hard work and dedication to the revolution, and realizing that though the campaign is over, the revolution has just begun.”

In fact, the next day, Allam bashed Bill Clinton for having used the words “Muslim” and “terror” in the same sentence.

“Why are Muslim Americans still associated with terrorism…? Every American is against terrorism, every human with an ounce of compassion is against terrorism, so why single out Muslims?” she posted to social media, continuing, “Muslims are among the ones being attacked the most, and our peaceful religion is being hijacked, while our friends and family are being killed overseas and at home.”

Allam, a recent graduate of North Carolina State University, has been volunteering for the Bernie campaign since July 2015 and joined his campaign as a full-time employee in January. Her anti-Hillary sentiments were similar to those of hundreds of Bernie supporters who had attended the DNC this week.

Josh Fox, a fervent socialist and anti-Hillary voice on social media, pointed out in a Facebook live video at the DNC that seemingly the majority of Sanders delegates had emptied the convention hall during a celebratory video about Hillary, while the Clinton delegates had remained.

“It’s insane,” he said. “Look, the whole California delegation is pretty much gone.”

Fox pointed toward the different sections of states represented at the convention hall:

Down there in new york on the right of the floor there’s people. But look what’s happening to the Bernie states. The bernie states are empty. One thing that you should know is they put a lot of the bernie states up in the back and the Hillary states down in the bottom. Hillary states that won got the better seats, and the Bernie ones got the upper echelon. That’s kind of the way they organized it, it’s not alphabetical…. This campaign has to do something to get these people back in the room.

The Clinton campaign has not responded to the public’s realization that the magical facade they had so cheerily portrayed was in fact the image of an angry weeping woman.

But has it ever?

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