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Hillary Book Sale Numbers Will Make You Laugh. Really Hard.

By  Amanda

In case you needed more evidence that Hillary is bad at this, I give you her anemic book sales:

As reported by The New York Times, the Democratic nominee sold fewer than 3,000 copies of her book, Stronger Together, in its first week on sale.

That’s bad. Like, really bad. For some perspective, Hill took BleachBit to ten-times more emails than the number of books she sold.

The brilliantly conceived and crafted Stronger Together basically outlines policy proposals in roughly 250 pages—because Hillary can’t help but be cold and boring, even when trying to sell a book.

Hillary attempted to sell more copies by throwing her awkward but immensely more likeable running mate Senator Tim Kaine on the cover. No such luck, of course.

Here’s more bad news: According to New York Times’ projections, Hillary will likely sell 9,000 copies in total! A book’s first week’s sales number typically accounts for a third of the total books sold.

The proceeds will go “to charity.” So, probably the Clinton Foundation, AKA her pantsuit pocket.

Rumors that 2,912 copies of Stronger Together were found stashed into a corner of Chelsea’s NYC apartment could not be substantiated—but do make sense.

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