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Hillary Admits Obamacare Means People Lose Full-Time Jobs

Hillary Clinton finally acknowledged Wednesday the obvious and easily demonstrable fact that Obamacare was causing people to lose full-time jobs.

Clinton’s admission came during a town hall Wednesday in response to a question about the negative impacts of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) on employees. Like the FMLA, the (regrettably named) Affordable Care Act, admitted Clinton, gives employers “unfortunate” incentives to shift their employees to part-time to avoid its financially crippling fees.

“That’s why they’re going to part-time, that and also the Affordable Care Act,” said Clinton. “You know, we’ve got to change that because we have built in some unfortunate incentives that discourage full-time employment.”

“A lot of employers believe if you don’t work 40 hours a week, you don’t get benefits,” she continued, “and that includes you don’t get a health care benefit; that might include you’re not eligible for the Family and Medical Leave; you’re not eligible if they have paid sick days.”

“So there is a disincentive within our system that we need to deal with, and I’m really worried about it because there’s a trend to try to move more and more people into part-time work,” she concluded.

While Republicans (and the CBO) have been warning for years that Obamacare would lead to a major reduction in working hours and jobs, the leftist media has been doing everything in its power to keep the “Obamacare is working” narrative alive despite all the evidence. (The Washington Post ran a story this summer attempting to refute the idea that the ACA provides incentives to cut hours, but admitted to using data “from before the mandate took place” to “prove” it’s claim.)

But, as usual, the left’s narrative is collapsing in the face of reality, and now even the Democratic presidential frontrunner is having to admit it to maintain some degree of credibility on the issue. Perhaps Clinton is open to talking with conservatives about how to handle some of those problems she’s “really worried about.” Don’t hold your breath.

H/t National Review

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