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MUST-WATCH: Steven Crowder Infiltrates Women’s March in Drag

On Saturday, conservative comedian and pundit Steven Crowder infiltrated the Women’s March by dressing in full-on drag, going by the name “Stephanie.” And it was epic.

Crowder interviewed topless feminist after topless feminist, all clearly upset about the objectification of women, to elicit why exactly they were marching and what specific rights they feared will be taken from them by big bad President Donald Trump. To the shock of no one, they had no answers.

That’s beside former Senator Wendy Davis, who hilariously had a one-on-one interview with the comedian, unable to recognize who he actually was. (Yes, being built like a linebacker and sporting facial hair didn’t tip her off, because that would be transphobic.) The abortion enthusiast actually explained that feminism was somehow an economic issue because women spend more than men so they should have more money, or something.

Crowder was also called a white supremacist by an old white hippie because he, well, Stephanie, has white skin. Makes sense.

After the insanity, Crowder explains what he learned from the feminists: “Mainly that sexual objectification is bad unless women do it, t**s are fun, bras do legitimately suck, Not Gay Jared is a surprisingly good kisser, and Donald Trump wants to infringe upon women’s rights but were not exactly sure which rights, something, something, something, p***y.”

Watch the hilarity, below: